JoolTool Essentials: 4" Backpads

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See-Thru™ Backpads in 4” for mounting all your favourite JoolTool abrasives.

You use the backpads for holding your abrasives on the JoolTool - ideally, you need to get one for each abrasive you'll be using. The abrasives come on a sticky backing and shouldnt be removed from the backpad until you've "used them up" or need replacing them.

Combined with 3M abrasives, they allow you to sharpen, grind or polish with a crisp and clear view of the work piece.

The top of the backpad disc has a moulded fin-like structure which directs airflow onto the workpiece, keeping it cool. The underneath is a perfectly trued, flat surface onto which you attach your 3M See-Thru abrasives.

If you're using fine abrasive film you will get an even better result and your abrasives will last longer if you add a Bumpon cushion between your abrasive and the backpad.

To install on the JoolTool™ system, simply twist onto the spindle. NO mounting hardware needed!

Available as singles or pack of 3.

Size: 4”

Also available in 3" size.


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