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JoolTool Microfinishing Film is great for shaping polymer clay, resin, and Fordite, and for preparing metals for a high polish.

The Microfinishing film cuts fast and gives precise, consistent finishes. Follow up with a Felt Disc and Polishing Compound for a quick and easy polish. High-strength polyester film backing coated with premium, micron-graded mineral particles that are electrostatically oriented for greater cutting efficiency, and resin-bonded for increased durability. We recommend using these with Cushion Pads, each one on a Backpad. Leaves a very fine finish at the last step (9 micron).

Automotive applications: Repair painted or primed spots, power train components (gears, cams, etc)

Jewellery applications: Prepare metal castings and plastic jewellery for higher finish.

Woodworking applications: Sharpen & hone chisels, turning tools and carving tools.

 Use with Bumpon cushions, or, if you are working with rounded shapes choose the thicker white cushions, like the Soft Flex or Medium Flex cushion pad which gives you more padding keeping your shapes nicely rounded.

Available as;

  • 3” or
  • 4”
  • Individual grits in packs of 3, or
  • Full set of 12 (3 of each of the four grits) 

Included in each kit:

  • 3 x 3M Microfinishing Film 60 Micron (260 Grit)
  • 3 x 3M Microfinishing Film 30 Micron (380 Grit)
  • 3 x 3M Microfinishing Film 15 Micron (800 Grit)
  • 3 x 3M Microfinishing Film 9 Micron (1000 Grit)
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