*JoolTool X - Signature Kit with Flexshaft

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The JoolTool Signature Kit with flexshaft. This kit is just like the one Anie, the inventor of the JoolTool, personally uses. You will love having this in your studio, it replaces an entire truckload of tools for many professionals. 

It is like a "studio/workshop/business-in-a-box", and has everything you need to grind, shape, sharpen, sand, texture and polish almost ANY metal, stone, or glass. 

This complete set includes the Flexshaft/Handpiece combo that gives you the versatility of a handheld rotary tool and the precision of a medical instrument for all your small-scale projects.

BONUS INCLUDED! Multi-Functional Tool Rest for Chisel and Drill Bit Sharpening with Adjustable Angles.

From rough cut mineral to final polish (up to 9 on the Mohs hardness scale!). Repair and polish sapphire & glass watch crystal. Polish and shape wood. Sharpen & polish ANY type of carbide tools. Work on ANY metal jewellery (from raw castings to final polish of gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium alloys & other exotic metals). Clean up raw castings. Polish chains, bracelets, pendants, etc. Repair & polish glass jewelry. Drill through gemstones or hard metals with the Flexshaft Kit. Also texturize & polish intricate details. You can practically build a mobile sharpening, jewellery or restoration business with this incredible kit.


  • Jooltool X System
  • Power adapter and cord with fused UK three pin plug (not pictured)
  • 12 Backpads
  • 8 Cushion Pads
  • 3M Flex Diamond Stone Grinding Abrasive – Very Coarse
  • 3M Diamond Microfinishing Abrasive 74 Micron – Coarse grinding
  • 3M Diamond Microfinishing Abrasive 45 Micron – Medium grinding
  • 3M Diamond Microfinishing Abrasive 30 Micron – Fine Grinding
  • 3M Diamond Microfinishing Abrasive 20 Micron – Very fine grinding
  • 3M Premium Diamond Polishing Abrasive 3000 Grit (Diamond Polish Step 1)
  • 3M Premium Diamond Polishing Abrasive 8000 Grit (Diamond Polish Step 2)
  • 3M Premium Diamond Polishing Abrasive 50000 Grit (Diamond Polish Step 3)
  • 3M Premium Cerium Oxide Polishing Abrasive 100000 grit-equivalent/0.25 Micron (Final Polishing Step)
  • Scotchbrite EXL Scratch-Eraser Burnishing disc
  • Purple Ceramic Grinding Abrasive (120 grit)
  • Jooltool Felt disc
  • 3-inch “Fluffy” Buffing wheel
  • Radial Polishing Brush 3-inch diameter (4-ply, 1 Micron grade)
  • 3M Mini Scratch-Eraser Wheels (3-pc Set) with 3/32″ Diameter Mandrel (Shank)
  • 3 pc Diamond Drilling Bit Set (3-size variety set)
  • 2 HSS Drilling bits (1 mm diameter)
  • Flexible Shaft Attachment, Anodized
  • Adjustable Mandrel Handpiece Heavy-Duty, Anodized
  • Pearl & Bead Vise
  • 1 Roll of Protective 3M Vetrap
  • Instructional DVD Featuring Anie (actual DVD may be different than pictured)
  • BONUS! Jooltool Rest – Patented Multi-Functional Tool Rest for Chisel and Drill Bit Sharpening with Adjustable Angles.


A perfect kit for all metalwork, glass and more. Take raw castings to a clean, finished piece. Use the included 3M Radial Brushes for a brushed, satin or polished finish on metal clay. 

This kit also includes abrasives needed for working on glass; from grinding and bevelling all the way to a high polish.

The see-thru pads means you have full view of your work and the surface your working on, real-time.

The JOOLTOOL will replace hand filing and polishing work, and make shaping and polishing a breeze. Whilst we (and you) will probably use this mostly for our jewellery making, you can also use it to take old scratched metal, antiques, and even car parts to a high luster in minutes! What took hours of work will now take you minutes to complete. 

Reshape and polish all fired metal clay, and metals such as: silver, copper, bronze, platinum, gold, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and more. Using other discs and pads, the JoolTool is also great for enamels, glass, polymer clay, and resin. Use it to reshape and sharpen tools, drill bits, knives, gouges, and chisels.

The “X” is the newest generation of the trusted JOOLTOOL, a multi-functional sharpener, polisher, grinder and lapidary system. It uses industrial 3M PSA abrasives, mounted on patented slotted discs which become translucent as they spin. This unique design lets you see the surface being ground, polished or sharpened in real-time as you're working on it. This visibility extends all the way to the edge of the abrasive disc, free from restricting rings or appendages. 

The wide range of abrasives lets you tackle any material and achieve any finish you desire. The JoolTool is infinitely upgradeable so you can add new accessories any time they become available. Click here to see all the accessories we sell at the moment.


NOTE: The JOOLTOOL Machine works with any electrical system in any country in the world. Simply add your own plug/adapter for the electrical outlets in your region. 

We supply the JoolTool with a UK three-pin plug.

Input Voltage: 100V~240V (Max 264Vac)
Input Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Constant Voltage: 12V (19V max)
Current: 5.0 A nominal
Direction: CCW
Speed: Variable 0-5000 RPM
Note: Actual speed may depend on current and load.


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