Kiln Safe CZ's & Lab Created Stones

Our kiln safe stones have been test fired in a kiln for 10 minutes at 800 degrees celsius.

If you are wanting to set them in clay and then torch fire the clay, or solder something to a piece you have kiln fired, please do some tests first. Torch firing can increase the temperature too fast or get too hot which can cause damage to the stone or cause it to change colour. A standard butane torch will easily reach around 1,000-1,200C.

Your torch technique will play a role; if you are keeping the flame on the stone or around it, what is the distance of the flame from the stone, this will all change the temperature and how safe it is. 

Also, it is important to remove any paste, clay, or dust, from the top of the stone before firing as this will change the colour too.

Some stones, like the Nano stones, also want an opening (an azure) behind the stone, without this they can go a little dull or change colour.

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