Large rotary metal polishing tumbler - 2.25kg/5lb

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Large Rotary Metal Polishing Tumbler 5lb - for larger designs or amounts of work.

Tumbling is the the easiest way to give your silver pieces a beautiful polished shine!  This high-quality machine with 2.25kg (5lb) rubber barrel is ideal for polishing several pieces at a time, or for polishing pieces which are too large to fit in one of our smaller machines.

Designed with quality, used by professionals, it has a powerful motor that can cope with up to 2.25kg (5lb) of barrel weight. Includes a heavy-duty rubber barrel with an easy closing non-leaking lid.

Just put your silver in the tumbler together with water and steel shot, and leave for anything between 1-6 hours, and they'll come out lovely and shiny. Check your metal regularly as you start using the machine, to learn how much time you need to achieve the results you're after. To give you a complete kit (suitable for tumbling silver or metal) you need to add some stainless steel shot, and barrelling compound.

Vanes in the barrel help to move your pieces around, so they polish faster.

A little note on polishing - this tumbler is designed to polish or burnish your pieces. It is not an abrasive - so it will not remove scratches. If you have any scratches and marks, you need to put in a little work and remove these before you tumble. Tumbling for a long time might round off and smooth out the scratches slightly, but it will not remove them.

A couple of notes on maintenance - Every week, unplug the tumbler and put a drop of oil on the steel shaft of the roller where they pass through the bearing blocks. Every month, put a drop of oil on the motor shaft, where it protrudes through the side of the machine (use car grade oil for this). 

Tumblers require a signature on delivery so please give a delivery address where someone is available during the day.

Size of barrel: 10.8cm L x 15.5cm Diameter (16.5cm including the outer ring)

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Written by ShelleY on 10th Jul 2020

I love this tumbler it is well made and work’s perfectly. Communication was great and super fast delivery.

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