Needle Tool (Pergamano Perforating Tool)

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Pergamano Needle Tool - Bold

This fantastic needle tool really is s-h-a-r-p! It has a needle sized, fine, pointed tip, which will cut through your clay like it is butter.

If you have taken a class with Joy Funnell, you will know she loves the Pergamano needle tool, it is her (as well as a few other well-known tutors) must-have tool for cutting metal clay! This is the bold version of that tool - but do not let the name fool you. The only thing bold about this tool is how well it cuts clay. 

It is great for metal clay, polymer clay, ceramic and porcelain clays - and other similar types of clay materials.

tool-comparison...pngThe tip on this needle tool is ever so slightly thicker than the Ultra thin version of the tool (which has had manufacturing issues so a no stock being available since December 2020), but it is still a VERY fine needle tool. To give you an idea of thicknesses, here is a comparison;

  • the tip on this needle tool is 0.04mm wide (the tool in the middle of the picture), compared to;
  • the Ultra thin is 0.025mm wide (the tool on the right in the picture - this model is not being manufactured at the moment)
  • and our good old favourite, CoolTools Ultra Clay Pick, is 0.145mm wide (the tool on the left in the picture).

The extra fine and long point of this tool makes it ideal for cutting out the finest of lines and very small detailed shapes - it is the perfect tool for working with very fine and detailed shape templates and stencils.

The Pergamano needle tool is made to be slightly flexible and very durable and has a specially developed dirt repellent rubber for a soft but firm grip. In addition, the weight and the ergonomic design ensure an ideal distribution of pressure during cutting.

Size: 16 cm long

Comes with a transparent protective cap. 

Also called Pergamano Perforating Tool 1-needle Bold.


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