QuikArt Alphabet Templates 3 pack - Woody Font Small

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QuikArt™ Alphabet Templates provide something special - the ability to create letters with inner parts WITHOUT unsigthly stencil interconnections! 

These templates are easy to use, flexible, unbreakable, and crystal clear! This clarity allows for accurate positioning over your clay designs. Use the QuikArt™ Stylus needle tool or the Ultra Clay Pick needle tool to cut the shapes from your clay. This 3-piece template set includes:

• Alphabet A-L in uppercase Woody font (12 cut-outs).
• Alphabet M-X in uppercase Woody font (12 cut-outs).
• Alphabet Y, Z in uppercase Woody font, plus the internal cut-outs for letters A, B, D, O, P, Q and R (9 cut-outs).

The template itslef measures 12.6cm x 8.8cm. Each letter is approx. 1.6cm tall.

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Nice size for bold letters!

Written by Sharon Little on 19th Nov 2015

Good if you want a chunky single letter on a pendant or something! I made a single pin brooch with the initials LGJ hanging from each other. Perfect size as a small gift pin for a coat collar or hand bag type of thing. It can be easy to distort the letters at first though but you just need a really slim sharp tool.

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