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This is a set of 3 sanding pads, consisting of 1 of each of the individual sanding pads: 1 x 800, 1 x 1000 and 1 x 1500. By buying them in this pack you can save some pennies, 100 pennies in fact. 

These sponge backed sanding pads are excellent to use with your metal clay. They are soft and flexible so wraps smoothly around your piece. I love these, couldn't be without them! Use them dry on the clay, or wet on the fired metal for a beautiful polish. Rinse after use and they'll last a long time. I usually cut them up in thin strips which are easier to work with. Each pad is 140x115x6mm.

The tech bit:

Abrasive Grit - Aluminium oxide

Binding - Flexible grit binding

Foam - EVA (Ethyl vinyl acetate), PU (Polyurethane)

Reviews (10)

Really good

Written by Mandy Marriott on 20th Sep 2017

Perfect for sanding jewellery items to a mirror finish.

Excellent flexible sanding pads

Written by Anna Campbell on 1st Aug 2016

I always use these on my metal clay pieces to clean up edges before firing. This multipack is great value and gives you the flexibility of having different grits in your kit. The way you can bend and flex the sanding pad to get into awkward corners is excellent. A must have for your metal clay kit

Those little spony became my no.1 abrasives for most of work

Written by A.C.A. (Romania) on 4th Apr 2016

As I said, after I discovered I'm using almost for anything, smoothing and satin look. I usually from each grit a 2 cm large strip and then I'm using it on most of the irregular surfaces, in order: 800 then 1000. The quality of the sponge is outstanding! First I've thought that that foam maybe flimsy. What a mistake. It is resistant, resilient and is very difficult to chip! So, I'm using my strip, a small surface and after some time, I remove the used part with scissors and then I have fresh part. I envisioned uses, that before weren't possible! For example, I forgot some batteries in my Nikon professional flash. Should I tell you that the batteries, even of very good quality, left for years in a device, get corroded the contacts. What to do, because the contacts are difficult to reach, on the bottom of the flash body? So, I cut a small slice of abrasive sponge, imagining an U and fixed it into a medical forceps, and that rounded abrasive sponge entered deep down and did the contact cleaning job for me. I already ordered the second batch of these sponges even I didn't even used a third from the first, but I don't want to be without it!

Great for polymer clay too

Written by undefined on 16th Mar 2016

Great for sanding polymer clay and great price,too.

Not only great for metal clay but great for removing kiln wash from slumped glass

Written by Kit on 31st Dec 2015

I have used these sanding pants on some metal clay and they work really well. They are great to handle and allow a good polishing of each piece. They have a nice selection of grades which makes it easy to move from one to the other. I also used these pads to remove kiln wash from slumped and fused glass and they do this really well without damaging the finish of the glass


Written by naomi on 11th Jun 2015

really pleased I tried these, but nicer to handle than paper. I use them with resin to get a finish I can varnish. I snip smaller pieces off to use with small items, and sand larger ones directly on the pad.

Perfect for all kinds of metal clay work

Written by Helen Foster-Turner on 5th Dec 2014

Myself and my students use these all the time and they are invaluable for creating smooth and properly finished pieces.


Written by Maria Bateson on 15th Aug 2013

I am new to silver clay and only used polishing papers after I fired my piece. I wasn't totally happy with the finish so I thought I'd give these a go. They do exactly what it says on the tin, they are great for using on dry clay but brilliant for fired pieces, they really do give the mirror shine I was looking for. I cut them into small pieces and have a wet bag and dry bag.


Written by undefined on 19th Jun 2013

Easy to use as they can be cut to fit the hard to reach places. Last for ages.

Very useful.

Written by Hilary McKenna on 29th Nov 2012

I found this sanding pads much easier to use than using files.

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