Silicone Moulds - Rivets & Accents - Set of 2

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NEW! Rivet and decorative accents silicone moulds

Add tiny rivet shapes and accent decorations to finish your jewellery, art, gaming pieces, models, or almost any craft! Made from high quality food-grade silicone, these moulds are super easy to use and will create endless rivets, decorations, and accents at almost any scale… it's just riveting!

The set of two moulds have a total of 20 options to choose from and they can be used with metal clay, polymer clay, putties, resin, chocolate, and more.

How do I use this?

The silicone has great non-stick properties, if you're using it with Art Clay Silver clay we suggest you try the mould without any non-stick solution. The silver will come out perfectly once fully dried.

If you feel it is needed, and depending on the material you're working with, you can apply a little non-stick solution such as CoolSlip or similar. Don't add too much non-stick as this could affect the accuracy of the moulded shape where it is very small - use a clean paintbrush for even distribution if needed.

Simply push clay or putty into the mould (or lightly drizzle chocolate), ensuring there will be no gaps or air bubbles. A ball burnisher is a great little tool for pushing the clay further into the mould. Use a kidney shaper or steel scraper to press and push the material into the mould, and remove excess material, keep doing so until you're left with a flush smooth surface.

Leave to dry, then simply bend the mould to pop out each tiny shape.

The mould set comes with the following rivet shapes (all of them super cool as decorations on metal clay jewellery):

  • 5 sizes of Bolts (adorable and very cool little bolt heads - very steampunk)
  • 5 sizes of Domes (just a perfect little circular rounded dome - ideal for granulation work in all sizes!)
  • 5 sizes of Spikes (gotta have a little attitude, dude!)
  • 5 sizes of Screw heads (make it look like you've used the cutest little tiniest mini screws to put your jewellery together!)

Moulds are made from food-grade silicone, and are heat resistant up to 240ºC - so you can dry your clay in these using a dehydrator or similar.

Size of mould: 6 x 12cm (2”5 - 5”)

Size of accent shapes: 2.5mm, 2mm, 1.5mm, 1mm, all the way down to a teeny tiny 0.75mm.

Comes as a set of two moulds.

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