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With this fabulous set of 6 pairs of measuring slats you'll always be able to roll out your metal clay to just the right thickness. No more messing about with stacks of playing cards, just choose the right coloured set of spacers. Put the spacers on each side of the clay, and use a roller to roll out the clay to an even thickness.

Price is for a complete set of 6, one pair of each colour.

The spacer slats range from 0.25mm to 3mm:

  • White - 0.25mm (1 card thick) 
  • Black - 0.75mm (3 cards thick)
  • White - 1mm (4 cards thick)
  • Grey - 1.5mm (6 cards thick)
  • Red - 2mm (8 cards thick)
  • Orange - 3mm (12 cards thick)

Top tip - use a permanent marker to label the size of each spacer so you can easily and quickly find the sizes you're after and avoid confusion and uneven pieces! 

Reviews (24)


Written by Nad on 22nd Nov 2018

Lovely selection of spaces good variety of size only thing I would improve was that I would write the size on them or include a size chart


Written by Justine hefferin on 21st Jul 2018

I really like using these. Just make sure you get all pairs. My set had a pair missing!

5 stars

Written by Emily on 17th Jan 2018

For not much money a great addition to supplies. Easier than cards, clean and organized!

Spacer Set

Written by Julianne Colbran on 2nd May 2017

Great to use - just one suggestion. I use the 1mm ones most often and know which ones they are For those I don't use very often, it would be really helpful to have the mm stamped on them so i don't have to keep checking the sizes! **RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY LTD** Thank you for your review and suggestion Julianne! We agree, it can get confusing to identify the sizes if you're not working with them often. We find it works quite well to mark them with a permanent black marker but a stamp is a great idea and something we'll consider. Thanks again for your feedback. - The Metal Clay team

A Crucial Tool Set for Clay Work.

Written by Hilary Minor on 19th Jul 2016

I don't know about you, folks, but I just can't be bothered with sticking playing cards together, so these spacers are absolutely ideal for clay work and as necessary as a spade is for digging in the garden!

Must have tool

Written by JUDE GOSWELL on 18th May 2016

When teaching I used to use playing cards but students had trouble with them slipping and sliding. Now students will find rolling to a consistent depth a dream.

For level clay

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 10th May 2016

A perfect tool to achieve a lovely smooth level surface n your metal clay, saves time counting out cards too!

buy this not a pasta machine

Written by Lauren Melling on 7th Apr 2016

Pasta machine only rolls to 3mm on number 1. These spacers are more versatile, wider scope, easy clean unlike the pasta roller.


Written by undefined on 19th Jan 2016

Work perfectly. Very happy!

great for spacing!!!

Written by undefined on 12th Dec 2015

does exactly what they are supposed to

Spacer v. Cards

Written by undefined on 25th Jun 2015

I know that Playng Cards are very popular for measuring depth when rolling out Metal Clay etc., however, Spacers too, have a role in this direction and, in lieu of taking off cards as you roll, they enable the use of depth immediately!


Written by Elizabeth Dunn on 26th May 2015

Not used all sizes yet but what i have used have met expectations.

easy spacing

Written by undefined on 2nd Apr 2015

A good selection of spacers. I will now be looking for larger ones for sugar craft.

easy spacing

Written by Tina Middleton Booth on 25th Feb 2015

So much easier and more reliable than using playing crds!


Written by LORRAINE on 10th Feb 2015


Great Product!

Written by Lacey on 5th Feb 2015

I never liked the idea of using playing cards as they move about too much. These are perfect and I wouldn't use anything else now!

looked everywhere for these for ages

Written by undefined on 15th Jan 2015

Fabulous and brilliant price

Should have bought these much sooner

Written by Janice on 26th May 2014

Better than playing card sliding all over the place. Seem expensive for a few bits of plastic, but I looked into buying the sheets and cutting them down and it ended up more expensive. Worth every penny!

Saves messing about

Written by undefined on 20th Feb 2014

Might not be all sizes you need, but it does its job.

For variable clay thickness

Written by undefined on 9th Jan 2014

This spacer set gives you the option of rolling the clay to a variety of thicknesses which is very useful for embellishing rings, pendants etc.

Worth Every Penny!

Written by undefined on 7th Jan 2014

So much easier than playing cards. Very happy with this purchase and love the fact you get a good choice of thickness.

MUCH easier and cleaner than other methods!

Written by undefined on 11th Sep 2013

If you're after precise, clean and easy control when rolling-out clays..then get yourself a set of these spacers. They're colour-coded, so it's a doddle to match each pair to pick-up and use. Alternatives (such as card) can become dirty or slightly worn and uneven, making them a little inaccurate and awkward to use after a while. If you enjoy working in fine detail at times, then these are really worth considering.

Better than cards

Written by Mark S on 19th Nov 2012

Forget the playing cards this set of spacers just makes life easier, colour coded for thickness so no more counting cards, all in all a good purchase, would have given 5 stars but maybe a tad pricey.

Beginners level set

Written by Hilary McKenna on 10th Jul 2012

It is better to have these levellers, rather than guess with playing cards.

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