UV Resin Colour Opaque Lavender

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Dinky little tubes with gorgeous colours for the UV resin. Drip out ONE drop of colour on your mixing surface, pick up a small quantity of colour on a toothpick (or pick it up on the toothpick straight from the bottle) and transfer this to your gel. If you add the entire drop of colour to your gel it will definitely be too much, it is better to add more in small quantities. It is handy to use a palette knife to mix the colour into the gel, using the wide flat side to break down the pigment and blending them into the gel. Please note that the gel takes longer to cure if you add colour! Very deep colours (gel with a lot of colour added) might actually not cure at all. If you've added colour, let the resin cure in the UV light for about 5 minutes, or more, if needed. I like to start with a thin layer of clear gel, which I cure before I add the coloured layer. The clear gel will bond better with the silver, so will create a strong bond. You can also try adding a clear layer on top of your coloured gel - this gives your colour a beautiful depth. Each bottle contains 15ml - as you usually use less than a drop per application, this bottle should cover more jewellery than you can count! These are also great to add to two component resin. They do affect the quantities, so add a little more hardener if you use a lot of colourant.

Reviews (2)

Pretty colour

Written by Midnight1574 on 8th Jul 2017

Pretty opaque lavender works well with the uv crystal resin


Written by Alyson on 11th Feb 2016

This colour,lavender, comes out opaque even with a tiny amount as per the online instructions. I also bought rose,aqua and grass green which do come out transparent. Also the lavender needs alot of shaking to mix it properly.

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