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BULK BUY with 12 (2 full-sized sheets of each grit) sheets of the 3M Polishing Papers - the most amazing polishing paper there is!

They're made from micron sized abrasive particles, slurry coated onto a non-woven synthetic backing. They are soft, cloth-like and paper thin, so wraps smoothly around your piece. You can also wrap the paper around a wooden stick, if you only want to polish the raised surfaces on your piece, for instance, if you have oxidised the piece.

The precision micron grading provides a uniform, consistent finish. These are sometimes referred to as Tri-M-Item papers, or lapping papers. They really give you the most fantastic mirror-like finish on metal clay and silver! We mainly keep these for use on the fired silver, as the clay clogs them up too fast.

To polish to a mirror finish, start with the coarsest grit and work to the finest grit. When you see uniform fine lines, move to the next grit. Do not skip grits or you won't get a mirror finish. Grits are colour coded for easy identification. 

Each sheet is 216x279mm (8 1/2" x 11"), approx. A4.

Please note - these set have not been split up, or the sheets been cut in half. You get 12 full-sized sheets, 2 of each grit.

The set includes 12 sheets:

  • 2 x Light Green - 1 Micron; 8,000-grit
  • 2 x Mint - 2 Micron; 6,000-grit
  • 2 x Pink - 3 Micron; 4,000-grit 
  • 2 x Blue - 9 Micron; 1,200-grit
  • 2 x Grey - 15 Micron; 600-grit
  • 2 x Green - 30 Micron; 400-grit


Reviews (23)

3M polishing papers

Written by Judith on 7th Sep 2019

Amazing to see my fired metal clay go from white to mirror-shiny silver by rubbing these in order of grit. Would definitely recommend

3M polishi papers, 12 sheets

Written by Ilona Ramsay on 16th Jun 2018

Excellent for gradual polishing, great to be able to cut them down and fold them easily to reach the more difficult to reach places

Polishing Papers

Written by William Nolan on 4th Jun 2018

Excellent and reasonably priced, i have used them a couple of times since they arrived and the finish is stunning.

Must have

Written by Amy on 13th Jan 2018

If you are looking to file your silver clay before you fire these are a must have. If you are looking to bring your fired pieces to a mirror shine these are a must have! Be sure to use different pieces on clay / fired pieces.

What else would I use?!

Written by Jo Richards on 17th Feb 2017

These are perfect for finishing. I cut mine into 4 squares and number them in order of courseness (I have a terrible memory!). This is the only method of polishing I use - kiln to mirror finish with nothing else - and they're great value!

Easy to Use

Written by undefined on 11th Sep 2016

These sheets are easy to use . Cut them into smaller squares and can get them into all sorts of spaces . Really like them.

I don't know how I managed without these.

Written by Lorna Briers-Parr on 21st Aug 2016

I know you recommend not using these papers on dry clay but, despite the fact they clog up quickly, they leave such a beautiful finish that it is worth it.

A must have in your kit

Written by Maria Mcleod on 19th Aug 2016

I was introduced to this product during a metal clay work shop hosted by Nicola Beer. I realised that using something as simple as the right grade and quality of polishing papers makes all the difference to the finished quality of your piece. I have used these after purchase and have not been disappointed. They are durable and flexible to use and cost effective.

great finishers.

Written by Ms Rachel Broadbent on 15th Aug 2016

These are great for hand finishing silver and for polishing pre tumbling. There is a good variety of grits and they produce a good finish when working through them if you need to hand finish your silver.


Written by Lacey Kerr on 15th Jun 2016

Wouldn't be without them now, can't believe I waited so long to buy them in the first place! Great product!

A mirror finish

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 26th Feb 2016

This set of polishing papers are perfect for achieving a mirror finish on fired silver clay, work your way through the papers from rough to smooth for a flawless finish.

Fantastic for pre-firing polishing papers

Written by Michele Trapiche on 13th Nov 2015

These papers can be used wet or dry and on pre-fired or post fired jewellery. Using these (in order) on pre-fired silver art clay, really highlights any areas that require additional sanding or polishing that you may not notice before firing. If these are used pre-firing, polishing post firing is much easier and definitely gives a mirror finish.

Does the job well

Written by Lesley on 15th Oct 2014

Gives a good high polish finish to silver clay items.

Great Product

Written by Jane on 29th May 2014

Great product lovely mirror shine on sliver clay!


Written by BEVERLEY HANCOCK on 1st Nov 2013

These have made such a difference to my silver jewellery. The end product looks super shiny.

Smooth and shiny

Written by undefined on 16th Apr 2013

Love these polishing papers. Brings the piece of jewellery to a fine, shiny, smooth finish - no scratches!

brilliant shine

Written by Firefly on 14th Jan 2013

I use these polishing papers for my silver fingerprint jewellery they give a fantastic polish and shine, bought some from Ebay recently what a mistake they were tiny so never again.

Perfect for tricky to reach places!

Written by Silvertips on 26th Nov 2012

Easy to use, cut into smaller pieces very good at polishing small intricate work.

perfect polish without all the mess

Written by undefined on 13th Nov 2012

These are the perfect alternative to machine polishing. No messy rouge everywhere, just clean, quiet, take anywhere sheets.

Smooth Rooks & Crannies

Written by Jan on 30th Oct 2012

Soft & pliable - a must for your tool box. Tip 1: Cut into small pieces or invest in some thin double sided tape, & glue strips around toothpicks, wooden skewers & thin wooden dowel rods, for a range of useful polishing tools, pure magic. Tip 2: Listen to the sound when you start sanding and you will hear it smooth out when it is time to move on to the next grade of paper.

hard work!

Written by undefined on 5th Jul 2012

I found it hard work and difficult to know when you had done enough with each sheet. Also it seemed to get a layer of sticky dirt on the resin after i had been polishing it for a while. I wasnt sure if i was doing it right as i came with no instructions on how to know when you had done enough on each layer. I found that washing the piece after each layer seemed to help remove the dirt and get it ready for the next sheet.


Written by Kath on 10th May 2011

just used these for the first time, Sue is right...plenty of elbow grease needed but the result is fantastic and well worth it!!!!

These + elbow grease = a lovely shine

Written by Sue W on 13th Oct 2010

You have to use elbow grease to get a mirror finish with these but I find that if you put a lot of work in with the coarser grits, you get a better finish and don't need to do so much with the finer ones. This means that I tend to get through the coarser sheets faster than the finer ones. They give a lovely shine which is enhanced with a final polish with Wenol.

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