Art Clay Paper Type - 75 x 75mm - 10gm

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Original Art Clay Paper type. Create real silver Origami and folded designs!

The Art Clay Paper Type can be used on its own for Origami style folding. You can also cut it with paper punches and fancy scissors, or tear it. It is a little thicker than other paper type brands on the market.

Cut out embellishments of the paper with a paper punch and add them to your clay pieces for decoration. Clay embellished with Paper Type can be fired with a torch or on a gas top. If you use the paper type on its own, it should be fired in a kiln.

Do not apply any additional moisture onto the surface when you work with the paper, as that can cause it to disintegrate. Repair any cracks after firing with Art Clay Overlay Paste. Using normal Paste on unfired paper can cause the paper to crumble due to the moisture in the Paste.

Store unused Art Clay Paper in a grip-seal bag and keep in an airtight container at room temperature.
The paper shrinks slightly more than the clay - if you cover the entire surface of a small clay piece with cut out paper shapes you can get a really nice domed effect.

It feels a little like a slightly rubbery embossing foil. It is completely dry, and not sticky at all.

It shrinks about 8-9% in firing.

Measures 7.5cm x 7.5cm (approximately 0.25mm thick). 96% fine silver prior to firing.

**CLICK HERE to view a paper type video project tutorial**

Reviews (3)

ACS Paper

Written by Kim White on 22nd Aug 2019

Love this stuff, so many uses. I want to try the thicker paper in the near future......

Artclay silver paper type

Written by Anne green on 23rd Jan 2018

As a novice to metal clay, I’ve been trying various metal clays. This is so easy to use and you can craft almost anything from it. I’ve found that it’s now my preference over the silver clay as it’s much easier to cut out my designs and shapes and less messy! If, like me, you are using silver pieces over copper pieces, then you must give it a go.

amazing medium!

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 19th Mar 2016

I love this product. It takes a while to get used to but has heaps of potential, can be folded, cut or curled to create wonderful 3D forms. If you've never used it you must try it at least once.

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