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Real silver, which you can paint with? Yes, that is Art Clay Silver Paste!
We love this magical silver product. Use it to immortalise organic items like leaves into pure silver replicated items, and to repair, or glue silver clay items together.

This new formula (water-based) paste combines the features of the original Art Clay paste and the now discontinued Oil Paste, giving it more strength without the strong smell and more difficult handling of Oil Paste!

Use Art Clay Silver Paste to glue (wet or dry) clay parts together.
It is great for repairing cracks and filling in marks and bumps. Overfill marks as the paste shrinks back as it dries, and then smooth out the surface with a fine abrasive sanding sponge or blending and smoothing foam.

Use the paste to add a texture to silver clay surfaces. Smudge it on, dab it on, drip or drizzle it on, or paint it on. For a neat design, why not stencil it on!

Or just drizzle it in layers on itself to build unbelievable unique silver designs.


Paint it onto a burnable core, like a leaf, twig, or cork clay, to create a fine silver replica. Here is a great article explaining how to make a silver leaf.


This new formula (water-based) paste combines the features of the original Art Clay paste and the Oil Paste, giving it more strength without the strong smell and more difficult handling of Oil Paste.  This also means you can use it to join the following: 

- Fired Art Clay pieces together
- Dried (un-fired) Art Clay piece and fired Art Clay piece together
- "Glue" or combine fine silver findings and fired Art Clay pieces together *a purity of higher than 950 sterling is recommended*.

The consistency of this paste is 90% silver and 10% binder. 

Art Clay Silver Paste - 10gm

Please note: the pot is NOT supposed to be full. It does contain the right weight of paste.

Reviews (14)

Cool slip review

Written by Sharon on 1st Dec 2019

I don't know how I managed without it.It was delivered quickly,safely.It makes the metal clay malleable & easier to handle.

Silver paste

Written by Emma on 13th Dec 2018

I used this product for painting leaves to turn into a necklace and brooch. The product turned out beautiful and as I had hoped. I did however find that the paste was incredibly quick drying so each layer became a little more difficult, which probably lead to using a little more than I intended. The first couple of diluted layers went on perfectly though.

Clay Paste

Written by Frances CaRnall on 2nd Jul 2018

I was a bit dubious about using this as a former oil paste fan. Wasn’t sure how well it would work! I have used it a couple of times now and don’t know what I was worried about. It seems to hold better than oil paste and is less messy and faffy. I’m definitely converted now!

art clay silver paste

Written by valet on 7th Jun 2018

i like this paste and I use it this time to recover leave and make it with persons in an atelier. Cette pate est très bien et facile à utiliser même pour des débutants. j'ai animé un atelier associatif pour réaliser des feuilles en argent.

Silver paste

Written by Shelly on 28th May 2018

Excellent, I use it for coating leaves. Quick drying and gives a nice finish.


Written by AMY on 13th Jan 2018

I use this paste to stick together wet or dry clay pieces before firing. Examples include metal clay bead builder pieces and attaching bezels to rings etc. This is really essential and very useful if you don't have time to mix up your own paste. It lasts a really long time too. A little goes a very long way with this.

ACS paste

Written by Dawn on 4th Apr 2017

I've found this to be really, really durable and effective. It would help had it arrived with some user instructions; I've found it best to almost soak the areas that need 'gluing' in water first (I put a drop on my mat, then dip the end / break into it and leave it a minute or two, til it has soaked right in) before applying some paste. It is fabulous though. I've also used it in place of solder on fired pieces and to apply 999 earposts after firing

Super product for silver leaves

Written by Linda Mottram on 19th Nov 2016

I used this to produce a silver leaf, and found it easy and very professional.

Silver Clay Paste

Written by Ann on 16th Nov 2016

A very useful product to use with leaves to make pendants or earrings. Also useful to fill cracks at dry clay stage. Many uses

excellent product

Written by Ann Jones on 28th Aug 2016

I have used this for painting on leaves to create leaf based items of jewellery. I have also used to repair items in their dried clay stage and also once fired and problems have shown, like small cracks. Also very good for attaching pieces together. Excellent in all respects. It does seem to be a smaller bottle and appears to be less, although it is 10g it also seems to be thinner in consistency. My last bottles had dried up when I reopened them. This surprised me as I have found it lasted a long time, but not the previous bottles I purchased, hope this one doesn't do the same.

best friend

Written by Ionescu Janeta on 13th Apr 2016

Very happy with this product

So much nicer than the old oil paste

Written by Nana Nielsen on 13th Jan 2016

Works brilliantly for repairing cracks and attaching fired pieces together. I use it when attaching sterling posts to fired earrings and for fixing minor mishaps.

Great product

Written by undefined on 17th Nov 2015

First time I have tried this and enjoyed using it

New Formula Art Clay Silver Paste

Written by undefined on 3rd Aug 2015

First of all I would like to state that Metal Clay's service is excellent so my complaint is in no way directed at them. It is about the 'new formula' Art Clay Silver paste. I find it very disappointing indeed. It comes in a smaller bottle with a thinner consistency that doesn't enable you to mix it to your own constancy required for the different stages of application, or different leaf textures. It leaves brush stroke marks and you also end up using a lot more of the paste. I have had to discard several batches of my latest products. Really annoying. PLEASE bring back the old formula!! Is anyone else having the same problem?

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