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A small spritz of the amazing CoolSlip will release metal clay superbly from most surfaces. Use as a spray, or simply brush it on. *Please note - only use a very light spritz to avoid over saturating and making your surfaces too slippery. If you apply too much - use a piece of kitchen roll or a towel to dab off. 

You'll have crisper, sharper impressions without any gunk left from oils or balms. 

We love CoolSlip, and think it is the best anti-stick solution available for using on texture mats and sheets.

Non-toxic and non-reactive.

Contains 120 ml (4fl. oz)

Bottle size: 12.5x5cm (5"x2")


Reviews (16)


Written by Nadine on 22nd Nov 2018

Lovely product does its job very well

Love this stuff!

Written by Natasha Kinley on 19th Jun 2018

I know I can use olive oil for a lot less but I do really like to use the Cool Slip when I am using texture tiles etc. I think it is a thinner consistency and so I find it works better than olive oil in this case, very useful to have on my work bench and a the bigger bottle lasts for ages.


Written by PATRICIA on 13th Mar 2018

works really well


Written by PATRICIA on 13th Mar 2018

works really well

COOL SLIP antistick spray

Written by Miriam Davey on 19th Oct 2017

I love this stuff! I had been using either Vaseline or olive oil, and never realised how much easier it could be! This spray is an essential bit of my kit now.

Good product

Written by Cilla on 14th Aug 2016

Does what it's supposed to do. Highly recommended.

truly slick!

Written by R Broadbent on 25th Jun 2016

I've always used badger balm when using texture mats and things with my clay. It was ok but often found you could have too much or not enough and bits would stick. This though was brilliant. One spray on the texture mat then rolled the clay. Got a really crisp design on the clay and it came off with no stress and no cursing! Brilliant stuff. I'm a complete convert.

Great stuff

Written by Sara Johnson on 21st Apr 2016

Does exactly what is says on the bottle, no more olive oil for me!


Written by undefined on 17th Nov 2015

Why can't my frying pan be made of this stuff too?

Works great

Written by Karin on 11th Oct 2015

This is great for texture sheets especially, as it leaves no residue and doesn't obscure any detail. I do agree with some of the other reviews that the spray head is not great in getting it where you want, but the tip about using your lid when needing a smaller amount is great. Spray in the lid, spread with your fingers, perfect! :-)

slippery stuff

Written by undefined on 1st May 2015

An excellent product to work with , everything release's easily

Love this product, works perfectly every time

Written by claire Will on 9th May 2014

I first bought pen spray, great size for travel. But so glad I can get this size in uk now. Works with every clay I have come across, old through to new formula. I use this in combination with glove in a bottle. So nothing sticks to hands tools or textures. Best of all no stains to nails from copper or dark clays. Some of the balms are a little strong smelling, their fragrances cause headaches for me... But not with cool slip. Will recommend to all :)

Works a treat

Written by Helen on 1st Oct 2013

Easy spray, covers a large area in one go if need be, otherwise just wipe away excess. Good tip from Viki to dip finger in lid to avoid using too much.


Written by Viki on 12th Sep 2012

Tried this after using balm its a lot finer do it retains the detail. Only criticism is the spray spurts out far too much do I now spray it into the lid and dip my finger in it as needed

Wonderful stuff - much better than balms

Written by Amanda on 14th Aug 2012

this is great stuff - much better than balms, as it goes on in a thinner layer, and avoids obscuring detail. Highly recommended!

No stick at all

Written by Nana on 13th Jun 2012

Much better than badger balm, which does tend to stick in every crevice and obscure some of the finer detail. Remember to spray from a bit of a distance or you will get far too much on your surface where it will foam slightly - but nothing that can't be easily wiped off.

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