Art Clay Moisturising & Storage Pot

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Fabulous storage solution for metal clay! Keep your clay pliable and ready for use.

Use this very smart looking and incredibly useful Art Clay pot to store your metal clay whilst working, and between sessions.

Place your clay at the bottom of the clay keeper and place the vented insert on top. Place a damp sponge (included) or kitchen tissue on the insert, and put the lid on. Done. Your clay will stay fresh and workable for ages - just keep checking to make sure your sponge/tissue stays wet. Make sure that the sponge is damp, but not so wet that it drips on the clay. Also ensure that the clay doesn't touch the vented insert or the sponges, or it might get a little too wet and mushy.

As the clay is being kept in a moist environment stored like this, it will absorb moisture from the air (only as much as it needs!), keeping it a lovely consistency.

Have totally dry and hard clay? Rescue it with the Moisturising and storage pot!

If your clay has become very hard and dry and needs reconditioning use both sponges in the container to help you get as much moisture back into the clay as possible.

  1. Wet and place one the sponge at the bottom of the pot.
  2. Put a small sheet of teflon or waxed paper on top of the sponge.
  3. Chop up the dry clay into very small pieces, and place it on top of the teflon sheet (make sure the clay doesn't touch the sponge itself, as that would turn it into paste!).
  4. Place the vented insert on top and put the other sponge (dampened with water) on top.
  5. Place the lid on and do up tightly. 

After a day or two you'll clay will magically be soft again, and can be put into clingfilm to be gently coerced (squished) into one homogenous lump of clay again! If it isn't soft all the way through, leave it for longer. Make sure the sponges stay wet the whole time.

The pot comes with two small sponges.

If you use this with base metal clay, you may get an oxidised film on the clay. Base metal clay is best stored carefully wrapped up in clingfilm. You can then place it in this pot to extend the life span of the opened clay, but it is best used as soon as possible after opening.

Reviews (16)

nice little pot - works a treat

Written by Jo Cieloch on 1st Jul 2020

Great pot - This is a 2nd pot as an additional/spare as I am looking a alternative clays so don't want to mix batches

Art Clay Moisturising Storage pot

Written by E Coral Smith on 24th Jun 2019

I wish I'd bought this years ago! It's a simple and easy way to store small left over amounts of clay, keeps them in usable condition and saves them from drying up. It just makes life a lot easier.


Written by Nadine on 22nd Nov 2018

Didn’t believe the tutor when she said you could put full dried clay in pot and it would turn back to paste, I’m so glad I bought one

A must have

Written by Lynn Marley on 29th Jun 2018

This is an essential piece of kit

Metal Clay keeper

Written by Debbie France on 30th Apr 2018

This is one of my favourite things. It really keeps the clay fresh for months and months - I love it and recommend it to all my students. A absolute must.

clay hydrating pot

Written by PATRICIA on 13th Mar 2018

works really well

Got to have

Written by Amy on 13th Jan 2018

I had this product on my wish list for a while. I wish i had purchased it sooner!! It really does keep your clay at a perfect workable consistency until you are ready to use again. No more wrapping in cling film with packets all over the place!

Art-clay moisturising storage pot

Written by Hilary thorogood on 2nd Mar 2017

Really useful pot for keeping unused clay from drying out and at a good consistency for days/weeks. Nothing else does the job so well.


Written by Carol Barker on 30th Oct 2016

Great price, quick delivery, great product. Does exactly what is is meant for.

excellent product

Written by undefined on 7th Sep 2016

This storage box keeps clay in perfect condition and even revitalised clay I thought was beyond help. Definitely worth the price.


Written by undefined on 4th Sep 2016

Very useful for keeping clay hydrated.

A Must have!

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 24th Jul 2016

A fantastic little pot, a briiliant addition to any metalclay artist. Keeps clay moist and ready to use without the need for cling film. Highly recommended!

Everyone should have one!

Written by Sara Johnson on 21st Apr 2016

Very impressed with this handy pot, keeps your clay lovely and fresh and in perfect condition.

You NEED this!

Written by undefined on 17th Nov 2015

Have managed to save all my dried out clay - and some money!

A definite must have!

Written by Michele on 18th Feb 2015

For silver art clay this pot is brilliant. It keeps the clay really well conditioned (even if you just pop the clay into the pot without any clingfilm). I find the sponge stays moist for at least a few weeks as well. You just have to remember to spritz the sponge if you leave the clay in the pot for longer than 2 or 3 weeks. Highly recommended product.

You need one of these!

Written by Joy Funnell on 11th Jan 2015

Excellent product!! Keeps my opened silver clay in A1 condition. Well worth the money, I'll be buying more for use in my workshops on my next order!! :)

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