3M Polishing Paper - Dark Green - 30 Micron

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3M Polishing Papers - the most amazing polishing paper there is!

They're made from micron sized abrasive particles, slurry coated onto a non-woven synthetic backing. They are soft, cloth-like and paper thin, so wraps smoothly around your piece. You can also wrap the paper around a wooden stick, if you only want to polish the raised surfaces on your piece, for instance, if you have oxidised the piece.

The precision micron grading provides a uniform, consistent finish. These are sometimes referred to as Tri-M-Item papers, or lapping papers. They really give you the most fantastic mirror-like finish on metal clay and silver! We mainly keep these for use on the fired silver, as the clay clogs them up too fast.

This is for one sheet 216x279mm (8 1/2" x 11"), approx. A4

Green - 30 Micron; 400-grit

Reviews (5)

Useful Polishing Paper

Written by Nataha Kinley on 25th Sep 2018

I use the 3M polishing papers a lot and the dark green 30 micron the most along with the 15 micron so it is great I can buy these individually, they last quite a long time and they are very flexible to work with and I get good results. I also often use this one or the 15 micron if I want a satin finish on a piece as I find I can get the sort of look I am after with those two. I have yet to try the spectrum papers which I am interested to try to compare with these.

good abrasion

Written by amy on 13th Jan 2018

I use this green cloth first on my dried clay pieces before using the other grits in order. its quite abrasive so files down your clay flat and smooth within just a few sweeps. Alternatively it can be used on fired pieces and it is also just as abrasive on finished silver. Perfect to remove fine scratches and bring to a mirror shine using all of the 3m papers in order.

Best thing for taking back oxidation

Written by Nana Louise Nielsen on 8th Apr 2015

I use this cloth after oxidation to bring back the highlights. It does a perfect job and much less messy than steel wool. Metal Clay Ltd sell these for a very good price.

Does exactly what it says on the tin

Written by undefined on 28th Aug 2013

Very good 3M paper Polishes well

Just the Job

Written by undefined on 13th Aug 2012

I use these sanding sheets for my silver clay when fired, they polish my charms beautifully

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