3M Polishing Paper - Light Green - 1 Micron

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3M Polishing Papers are made from micron sized abrasive particles, slurry coated onto a non-woven synthetic backing. They are soft, cloth-like and paper thin, so wraps smoothly around your piece. You can also wrap the paper around a wooden stick, if you only want to polish the raised surfaces on your piece, for instance, if you have oxidised the piece. The precision micron grading provides a uniform, consistent finish. These are sometimes referred to as Tri-M-Item papers. They really give you the most fantastic mirror like finish on metal clay and silver. I mainly keep these for use on the fired silver, as the clay clogs them up too fast. Each sheet is 8 1/2" x 11" or 216x279mm.

Reviews (2)

1micron Polishing Paper

Written by alan on 5th Mar 2015

I love this 1 micron paper, this puts the smooth finishing touches to the job, used with the 4 way file it is just a perfect finish, smooth as glass.


Written by alan on 5th Mar 2015

3M Polishing Paper have not used it a lot yet but seems to do a good job, I love were you can cut a small strip of, rap it around that is very handy, on curved surfaces.

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