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Alumilite Amazing Mould Putty - use this moulding compound to create flexible food safe silicone moulds with high detail in just 20 minutes!

You can buy this Amazing Mold Putty in a larger quantity here.

Mix equal parts of the two putties carefully, until they're one even colour. Shape over original you wish to make a mould from. Let sit for about 20 minutes (varies depending on work temperature), until a nail pushed in doesn't leave a mark. Demould, and you're ready to get started. The slightly longer moulding time, means you can adjust any mistakes, and, if you mix too much it won't be hard before you find something else to mould! Within 20 minutes, the putty will cure to a flexible rubber mould that can now be used for any casting medium. The Amazing Mold Putty enables you to make custom moulds of any 3-dimensional piece you wish quickly, easily, and safely.

Use with butter (personalised butter moulds for your special guests!), ice, chocolate, resin, polymer clay, metal clay, epoxy resin clay, soap, plaster, candle wax, cement, and more.

TIP! You can bake polymer clay in the mould, which eliminates the potential of distorting your polymer when removing it from the mould.  The Alumilite Amazing Mold Putty mould will withstand 200C, and still comply to FDA standards, so baking your polymer is not an issue. 


How critical is the mix ratio of the Amazing Mold Putty?

The proper mix ratio is 1:1 by either weight or volume however, the Amazing Mold Putty is very forgiving and will cure even if you are off fairly significant amounts in either direction. Changing the ratio will not alter the speed in which the putty cures although it may change the physical properties and the finished mould may not be as tough or ever reach its optimum hardness.

Why is my Amazing Mold Putty sticky on the surface of my mould?

The Amazing Mold Putty is a platinum based silicone mould rubber. The platinum base can become contaminated when it comes in contacts with specific materials ... such as tin, sulfur, and vinyl. These products are often found in clays, tapes, glues, plastics and some rubber stamps.  What will happen is where ever the putty comes in contact with one of these different materials, they will simply not cure. However, every where the putty does not come in direct contact with the materials, it will cure absolutely fine.

If you are not sure whether the item you are about to mould using the Amazing Mold Putty contains one of these materials, it is highly recommended to mix up a very small batch of the putty and press it over a small area of your piece. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes and then remove. Notice the surface of both your original as well as the mould. Drag your finger across the surfaces to see if the mould surface smears. If it does, I would not recommend making the mould until you have either completely coated the original to protect the putty from the surface or simply choose type of master to test and then mould.

Can I bake my cured Amazing Mold Putty mould?

Yes. Amazing Mold Putty is food grade compliant up to 200 degrees C. This enables you to either bake food, polymer clay, or any other type of material in the mould without harming it. If you plan to use the mould for food, do not use it with any other material before putting your food product into the mould to eliminate any possibility of contamination. The Amazing Mold Putty is a very good insulator of heat, so it is highly recommended to preheat your mould as you preheat your oven to provide a more even bake process when baking food. Otherwise, your food product may cook on top but because of the thickness of your mould, the heat will take much longer to reach the food in the mould cavity and make for an unevenly cooked product.

Can I pour low melt metals into my Amazing Mold Putty Mold?

Yes. The Amazing Mold Putty will handle temperatures above 200C but is not recommended for food above those temperatures. To provide the best mould life and the best detail reproductions when pouring low melt metals into your mould, it is highly recommended to preheat the cured mould in the oven to bring it up to a similar temperature before pouring the molten metal into the mould. This prevents the metal for solidifying as soon as it touches a cold mould and prevents a quick skin from forming. So preheat the Amazing Mold Putty mould to achieve more consistent castings and a longer mould life.

TOP TIP FOR STORAGE: Keep the caps of each part on tight at all times. Even during use, only take out what you need, then put the caps back on immediately until your next use. This will keep your moulding compound in good working condition for as long as possible. 


Size: 300g 

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Also available in 1.36kg (3lb) and 2.7kg (6lb) here.

Reviews (33)


Written by Grainne Reynolds on 4th Aug 2020

Amazing moulding putty.... by far my favourite of all the moulding putty’s , it’s perfect for botanical moulds as it captures all the detail and is nice and flexible so releases the clay easily.

Amazing Mold putty

Written by KIM GOLLARD on 30th Oct 2019

Over the years, I have used quite a selection of moulding compounds and I really cannot fault this one. It mixes well, doesn't set up too quickly, takes the smallest detail and releases the castings easily. I have moulds and texture sheets that I made 5 years' ago and they are still flexible and performing well.

Good stuff!

Written by naatasha KInley on 13th Sep 2019

I usually use Easy Mold but the last lot I kept getting tiny bubbles particularly when I was trying to make moulds for buttons so I thought I would try Amazing Mold Putty instead and I was happy I did, no tiny bubbles, good working time and the price is pretty good too! I will continue to buy.

Amazing Mold Putty

Written by Maria Spanjaard on 2nd Sep 2019

Thanks for the fast shipping to the Netherlands

Amazing Mould Putty

Written by Sara Johnson on 14th Oct 2018

Just loving this moulding compound! Brilliant stuff will be buying more.

Super easy to use

Written by Jimmy van der Eng on 10th Oct 2018

It's easy and straightforward to use, just make sure you have everything set up because you don't have too long before it gets tougher!


Written by pamie on 2nd Oct 2018

have used it all up last night will be ordering more soon thank pamie

Lovely texture

Written by Jackie Moore on 11th May 2017

I've used a few different types of moulding compound and found that some can feel quite greasy when mixing and curing times can be variable. This feels lovely to mix and cures very quickly.

Super moulds made with Amazing Mold Putty

Written by Thomas Nielsen on 12th Jul 2016

Just the best mould making putty on the market - that's it.

Much better that the previous products I've used

Written by undefined on 9th Jun 2016

I wanted to make a tie pin using a design from a charm of a small bunch of grapes but I couldn't get the details with the compound I had. I bought Mold Putty and was just amazed at the detail, it went into every crevice. I was really surprised as how easy it was to blend the putty - I didn't hurt my hands doing it :)

Great results

Written by Karen Lewis on 1st Jun 2016

I finally got around to making some moulds using the Amazing Mold Putty. I felt a slight bit of trepidation, having read the instructions and seeing that I needed to be done within 3 minutes, but I was soon halfway through the pots with a dozen moulds made. Using paperclay as my first trial, they have worked perfectly. So I'm very pleased with this product.

very easy to use

Written by Anne on 16th Apr 2016

Very easy to mix and really takes the shape well. I used on some vintage buttons and made perfect copies with excellent detail.

Very good!

Written by PetyaK on 9th Dec 2015

I've tried other molding products, but this is what is the best so far. Cures quickly and makes a very good copy.


Written by Tracey Jones on 21st Aug 2015

This is a fantastic product as it really does exactly what it says on the tin. I had previously said to friends if it isn't stuck down I will probably make a mold of it but actually you can even if it is stuck down as taking molds of texture is brilliant with this product.

The best for making veiners etc

Written by undefined on 27th May 2015

Great product and prompt delivery!

Best product in its catagory

Written by André on 23rd Feb 2015

I have tried other product, but must admit that Amazing Mold Putty is the easiest and most affordable product I have used so far. Its easy to use, its very easy to blend and it makes PERFECT "copies" of shells and everything else I have tried. KR AHA Denmark

It's magic!

Written by Fulvia on 18th Jun 2014

I love love the Amazing Mould Putty, works every time, very easy to use, it really is an excellent product.

Waste of money - utterly unusable

Written by undefined on 16th Jun 2014

Well I tried but I give up. I watched all the YouTube videos, I tried different thicknesses, tried chilling it, tried being super fast and tried taking my time and everything in between. I'm normally pretty good at stuff like this but try as I might a decent mould could not be made - they all came out wrinkly inside and not adhering to the shape of the original at all. I sent it back for testing but apparently it was me that was the problem and not the putty, in which case, from the bottom of my heart, save your money. I was trying to mould basic shapes that were a few centimeters across - this should not have been the exercise in frustration that it was. Deeply unhappy about the purchase - and I had such high hopes! ***** RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY**** Hello, Just to reiterate - we are very sorry that you have been so disappointed with this product - as you mentioned we tested the product you sent back and we couldn't fault it - we were able to take a perfect impression. However, we do not like to hear of customers being dissatisfied with their purchase, so again, our deepest regrets that this product didn't work for you. The Metal Clay Team.

An excellent product with many applications

Written by undefined on 25th Apr 2014

I use this mainly for miniature modelling. It makes detailed molds of even intricate parts, allowing me to replace breakages or customise models in a way that would take hours of sculpting. An absolutely outstanding product.

Excellent moulding compound

Written by Kim on 8th Dec 2013

This is one of the best moulding compounds I have used; and I have tried quite a few! It mixes quickly and easily and I find that it has enough 'working' time to allow moulding the object - just don't hold it too long in your hands, as heat speeds up the setting time. It also makes great texture sheets and is beautifully flexible. I carry two little pots around with me, in case I spot an interesting texture!

Does exactly what it says...

Written by Katya on 31st Oct 2013

An excellent product that allows me to make beautiful moulds of a wide range of artefacts. Very easy to use, if you respect the time limits.

Super thing!

Written by magoody on 2nd Oct 2013

Can't wait to use it! Thank you a lot!

Moulds at speed

Written by Tina on 29th Jun 2013

An answer to my lack of carving, shaping skills. Easy to use but VERY rapid in setting. Be prepared as it cures quickly so no dithering time allowed ;)


Written by undefined on 26th Jun 2013

Good product, quite flexible when set but does set VERY quickly.

Amazing is amazing

Written by undefined on 24th Jun 2013

Amazing Putty definitely lived up to its name. I have never used this before and found it so easy and the moulds are great. Using them for my sugar craft ideas. Brilliant brilliant.

mould newbie

Written by Kerrie on 2nd May 2013

I bought this product via a recommendation and even though I'm a mould newbie I still managed to create really great usable moulds. There's a learning curve though to making them, so I'm guessing my next batch of moulds will be even more awesome!

Mold potty

Written by Daizeymay on 4th Mar 2013

Worked first time

great product

Written by sue on 21st Jan 2013

really easy to use and makes great moulds

Best mold compound

Written by Lena Wennberg on 11th Jan 2013

Perfect for mold making. Easy to use, perfect results. Recomend

Amazing - but quick

Written by Chris on 26th Dec 2012

An excellent material - but sets far quicker than suggested in the instructions. I kneaded my first batch for the minute suggested - and found I had a hard lump in my hands. Concerned I had got it wrong, I timed the next (much smaller) batch - and again, the lump was unusable within 65 seconds. The room was not over-warm - but keep this in the fridge! If you can work to the time constraints, it is really excellent.

Excellent Stuff

Written by Laura on 7th Oct 2012

Bought this over other brands as it's much more flexible than the blue silicone you can find. Very easy to use and gives very good details in moulds. Wont be buying anything other than this stuff

great stuff

Written by mandi on 4th Sep 2012

i will definately be buying some some. i think its great.

very easy to use

Written by Jenny on 26th Apr 2012

I've only tried a small amount of this to make a mould for cake decorating. I used a quite detailed button and for a first attempt I was really impressed with the product, it picked up lots of detail and when we used it for the icing the result was excellent.

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