Oyumaru Instant Mold Moulding Compound

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Fabulous reusable instant moulding material!

This great Japanese silicone non-stick moulding material is re-usable, so you can keep using and reusing it to make loads different mould shapes. Perfect if you need to make lots of moulds but only need a few copies cast from each mould.

Oyumaru is a reusable putty, which is softened by heat (put it in a mug of hot water). Once shaped it cools and hardens in just minutes into a hard, slightly rubbery, plastic. It does not stick to Art Clay, PMC, polymer clay, Green Stuff, Kneadatite, Epoxy Putty, Stick Putty and other common sculpting putties.

This product is sometimes referred to as Instant Mold.

Oyumaru/Instant Mold picks up detail surprisingly well. It is excellent for fingerprints (and for our gamers and model makers; casting replacements or making your own extra bits like: weapons/shoulder pads/armour designs/boneswords/lash whips/fairy wings for army models/nids/wargaming/faery making).

  • Place the Oyumaru block in hot water for a few minutes (a mug with hot water from the kettle works great)
  • Once soft, shape as you like or impress original. If you change your mind and want a new mould, just re-heat in water and start again! And again. And again. And... so on.
  • Once happy, leave your mould to cool off and harden, and then it will be ready to use!

Combine several sticks to make larger moulds.

PS. Don't put this on your hotplate to dry your metal clay - your mould will soften and lose its shape! Only air-dry until the metal clay is dry enough to pop out of the mould.

No shelf life. Can be heated and moulded over and over.

Each stick is around 6cm long, and you get a box of 7. 

* Not registered as food grade

Also sold in a bulk 24 pack!

Reviews (44)

Oyumaru Instant Mold Moulding Compound

Written by Steve H on 3rd Jan 2018

Bought this to make some small parts that were broken. Easy to use and makes molding easy. sticks are small (60mmx15mmx7mm). So for larger items will need to melt more sticks together. Great product. would buy again.

good value

Written by Susan on 12th Jun 2016

molds and remolds well. No English instructions, so I'm glad I read about putting it in boiling water on the web site.

Teeny tiny!

Written by undefined on 6th Jun 2016

Bought this product on the off-chance to qualify for free postage and haven't had a chance to use it yet, so can't comment on its effectiveness. To be fair, the reviews from people who have actually used it suggest it's great! However, I think it's probably also fair to comment that this is a VERY small quantity of moulding material - the Christmas Cracker prize size of moulding material really! I'm not sure why it comes in different colours because in order to mould anything bigger than a penny you would need to mix a few sticks together. But I guess that's not a major problem in the scheme of things! **RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY** Thanks for your review and we hope you enjoy working with this product. The sticks are rather small but are more than enough to do a mould of a fingerprint, small seashell, button, coin, etc and like you said, the sticks can easily be joined together to make a larger moulding surface. Also don't forget, they're re-usable! So if you're not happy with your mould or you're done with it and want to mould something else, just drop it back into the hot water and re-use!

one is not enough

Written by undefined on 11th Dec 2015

Had to buy more as I was trying to do two things at once ! It works well and picked up fine details as well as shape.Very happy.

This stuff is amazing!

Written by Liz on 24th Aug 2015

We use this product to take fingerprints. The fact that it can be reused if we don't get it right first time means that it's ideal for this. The bright colours are also lovely.


Written by naomi on 11th Jun 2015

I use this to cast resin and it is much better than I had expected. The detail it picks up, the ease of demoulding, the fact the same mould can be used more than once and also melted and remoulded - amazing value. and very pretty colours.

Fabulous product :)

Written by undefined on 9th Jun 2015

So easy to use and gives very detailed results (with a little practice). It really is as simple as dropping it in a pot of recently boiled water, leave for a little while and then it's pliable, but the best bit is that if your first attempt at the mould doesn't work, drop it back in the hot water and then try again :)

Needs practice - instructions are vague.

Written by Viv5645 on 10th May 2015

I bought some of this and popped a piece into a cup of hot water (as per instructions) and then spent the next half hour trying to gather the stuff back into a useable piece again. It became so soft and stretchy I couldn't control it. At least it can be re-used, I had another go and used a shallow tin lid which cooled everything down and worked better. So, don't use HOT water. I did manage to get good results eventually.

Great Product!

Written by Sophia on 16th Apr 2015

Seriously easy to use! For the price its worth a shot!

wow, don't knock it until you've tried it

Written by PipSqueak on 5th Apr 2015

I didn't believe it until I decided to buy some and try it. Its great and easy to use. Its one of those wow products. Can't wait to try it long term. Definitely worth the money

Good Product

Written by undefined on 29th Jan 2015

easy to use and no waste which is so good. I would say buy it and try it.

fantastic value, great product

Written by Gerry on 17th Oct 2014

For simple press moulds for modelling this is a fantastic product, the ability to reuse it over again makes it a must have for any modeller who does a lot of converting. The fact that it is almost half the price as the same products sold specifically to wargamers and modellers just adds the extra star to what would be a 4 star product by itself, can't rate it highly enough


Written by Vroni on 22nd Aug 2014

Wow! This is the best mold kit i've ever bought! I use it with Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Resin and it is sooooooo perfect!!! <3<3<3

Amazing Value!

Written by Val on 29th May 2014

WOW! I've tried many molding compounds over the years and have just a little play with this. A really good impression of my own feeble fingerprint first time! I can't comment on long term use but initially, WOW! Great value!


Written by undefined on 9th May 2014

Really good value. I like that you can reuse it...in other words, if it's not quite right, you can do it again. I'm new to metal clay so thought this would be perfect for learning to mould stuff, before I bought something that can't be changed if you mess it up. Super easy to use! Love the smell of them too! I got in the instructions translated and they say "pick it out with chopsticks" which made me giggle!

I was sceptical...

Written by undefined on 3rd Feb 2014

However, good result with ease.

I'm Amazed!

Written by Sue from Glitterama Crafts on 29th Dec 2013

I was very sceptical when I bought this due to the low price and the claims concerning how good it was, but I was really amazed at the results....so quick and easy! Just had to drop it into hot water and it softened up! Very easy to mould and use, and it hardens up very quickly. Once you no longer need the mould, it can be dropped back into hot water and you can start all over again. With 7 sticks in the pack, this is fantastic value for money.....definitely well worth it!


Written by undefined on 14th Dec 2013

It's very nice. It is very easy to use and the result is very good

a bit stiff

Written by Emma on 12th Nov 2013

excellent for value, but when trying to get the clay piece out of the mold its a bit hard to do without the use of cornflour. also cracks a bit too easily after a few uses, personally prefer mold putty. *****RESPONSE FROM THE METAL CLAY TEAM***** Hi Emma, thna you for your feedback! It sounds like you are using the Oyumaru for polymer clay (as you're using corn flour which you wouldn't do with metal clay)? You can always warm up the mould - very, very, very gently so you don't ruin the mould shape if you want to reuse it - which will make it flexible and easier to remove the clay you've moulded. This product is aimed at people just wanting to do a few copies of an original, it shouldn't be your first choice if you want to make loads of impressions of the same design. For that, any of our silicone based moulding compounds would be better (and they all stay flexible). ***END OF REPLY***


Written by lisa on 29th Aug 2013

i read all the reviews here first before using and heated it as suggested - it worked perfectly - would recommend to anyone who wants to make good sturdy molds with a possibility of reusing the material again !


Written by kitti3 on 21st Aug 2013

amazingly easy. found it works best if you keep the boiling water in a cup rather than tub is packed in as it stays hotter for longer. love that if you mess it up just put it back in the hot water and start again. works great with poly clay. great detail! :) thanx for the super quick delivery!

Great stuff!

Written by Spelk on 20th Aug 2013

Really good product. Worked brilliantly, as the other reviewers have described. Take care not to get it stuck to the side of the pan though!

So much fun!

Written by Boo on 14th Jun 2013

I've no experience of other moulding compounds, so can't say how it might compare. But I've had a lot of fun with the small pack I got to try with base metal clays - it's inexpensive enough to tinker with. One of the things I wanted to do was make some Celtic type knots in leather and make moulds of these for jewellery components in copper and bronze. I haven't fired them yet, but the moulds were crisp, detailed and accurate and the pieces I've done with it look better than I hoped. I've also made some deep texture plates by moulding over shapes I've made in wire - and the results from those are looking good too. Fingers crossed that they fire well - I'm excited to see how they come out. I shall have to buy a bigger pack next time, it's great fun to work with and it easily re-constitutes to use again (and join more than one piece) if you're not happy with the results. I found it worked best to shape the mould in two stages; firstly to knead and shape it to approximately the shape and size of the item you wanted to mould, then re-heat it to make the actual mould - that gave a much crisper result as it cools and solidifies quite quickly. As others have said, it does need to be boiling water to get it soft enough and if you pick it out carefully with a tool, the material itself is actually then cool enough to handle with bare fingers.

Does what it says it will

Written by LAF on 8th May 2013

As I read in previous reviews, works best after soaking in boiling water; tap water isn't hot enough. Delivers excellent results with both resin and clay. Thumbs up!


Written by Minaz on 22nd Apr 2013

i found i had to put it in boiling water for a few minutes, warm water wasnt hot enough. it is very easy to use, and picked up detail well, i used it for resin, and it wasn't cloudy, came out clear. you have to use it pretty quick though, because it cools down quickly. its very good i would recommend.

not so good for resin

Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2013

I tried to use this for making clear resin jewels(as i was told it worked) and the surface of the jewels always ends up fuzzy, totally ruining the effect. i have gotten better results with the same resin and other moulds, so it must be that the instant mold does not work well with the resin. for other material, though, it's perfect =) We have used the Oyumaru for resin casting, and the resin has come out beautifully smooth. Make sure to double check your master, the smoother that is, the smoother your finished resin will be (Metal Clay Ltd Team)

awesome find

Written by undefined on 18th Mar 2013

This stuff works exactly the same as instant mould at a fraction of the price, so much better value for money imo. i find after you have kneaded it a bit it actually holds the impression that you are trying to mould better. I have also found that it works great with milliput and this does not stick to it.

Great value mold

Written by N on 26th Dec 2012

I make miniatures using clay and this product goes a LONG way! It holds any fine detail really well and you can re use it over and over again - just re-soften using hot water. Recommended to every crafter, don't waste money on expensive mould making kits!

wow,its fantastic stuff!!! took ages to find

Written by pamtasticpam on 23rd Oct 2012

why hasnt anyone invented this product years ago??? so versatile,thank you for inventing it,whoever thought of it.youre a genius!!!! xxxxxx

Does what it says on the tin.

Written by Phill on 22nd Oct 2012

Does what it is supposed to do and can be used again and again. It's also great value as well.

So easy to use.

Written by undefined on 15th Oct 2012

Great product! It's really easy to use and I love the fact it can be used again and again. Captures detail well and items pop out of the mold easily because it has that little bit of give.


Written by CC on 28th Sep 2012

...Because it is now available in South Africa!! Amazing product, useful for making molds of broken items too! I am enjoying it so much!


Written by undefined on 15th Sep 2012

why cant they sell in the United States cause i really want to buy it.

Not Bad at All

Written by Liz Goodwin on 13th Sep 2012

If I could send you a picture I would, this product is great for my line of work as I design and make buttons, It does take a bit of practice to get the right amount for what you want to mould but all in all a great way for easy moulding. If you want to see examples please let me know.


Written by Ruth on 5th Sep 2012

This stuff is AMAZING!!! It picks up every detail possible! I had semi deep fingerprints in my clay cupcakes which it picked up SO much with not recognisable prints it didn't show this works SO SO SO SO WELL!!!

not too shabby!....

Written by undefined on 31st Aug 2012

My main purpose for this is to cast my own copies of sculpted shoulder pads for Warhammer. You can literally do what you want with it, tear it into two, roll it into shapes etc etc. After you have finished messing around, it's just a case of popping it in some boiling water, carefully taking it out and mixing it together again. A great product, i just wish it came in larger blocks!

Really useful

Written by Andy on 30th Aug 2012

Very good to do quick copies of little bits or texturized surfaces.


Written by undefined on 14th Aug 2012

Very easy to use,it picks up detail amazingly and its the cheapest mold making material I've ever found.


Written by undefined on 8th Aug 2012

Brilliant product - easy to use, does go hard quite quickly but easy to soften after placing back in hot water. Managed to get fingerprint mould.

Fantastic and easy to use

Written by Amanda on 6th Aug 2012

This is great stuff, and you can make models which are detailed and accurate. It's also a bargain, because you can reuse it many times.

You'll like this product

Written by Diana on 23rd Jul 2012

Brilliant product, very easy to use and reuse.

Fantastic product

Written by Alex Mann on 29th Jun 2012

This is an extremely easy to use product which, being remouldable, is great if you're either new to moulding & casting or if you want to only make a couple of copies of something. Detail retention is exceptionally good, and I've not encountered problems of parts warpage due to the heat even when moulding from resin. Parts can be made in putty (like GS) or resin with equal ease - definately highly recommended.

Geat product

Written by Joe on 17th Jun 2012

Used this product to cast fine detailed models and works really well. Just needs a bit of practice to get used to.

Quick & easy!

Written by undefined on 24th Jun 2011

Really easy to use and gives very good detail. Really hot water from an almost boiling kettle works best. If the mould isn't what you want just put it back into the water and remould. Really good value.

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