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Art Clay Silver Fine Silver (999) 20gm.

Art Clay Silver has been around since 1995. Since its launch, there has been a few different types of Art Clay Silver, including Art Clay Original Formula, Art Clay 650, Art Clay Slow Tarnish, and Art Clay 650 Slow Dry.

When Aida created this clay formula they picked the best parts from their most popular clays - easy moulding, slow drying, and a possible low firing temperature, making it suitable for combining with glass and porcelain and torch and gas hob firings.

We think this might just be the ideal silver clay!

  • It has a better workability and a longer working time than all previous Art Clay Silver products.
  • It keeps moisture, stays pliable, and can be reconstituted exceptionally well.
  • It carves and files beautifully in the dry stage.
  • Fire with a kiln, torch, or gas stove. Can be fired as low as 650℃ so great for firing with glass, porcelain, and high-heat sensitive stones.
  • Shrinks only 8-9% - more silver for your money!

The clay can be hallmarked as fine silver at any UK Assay Office.

Don't just listen to us - here is some feedback we've had from users:

I attempted plenty of rolling out, cutting and then ‘scrunching’ up and re-rolling and didn’t observe any cracking, drying-out or the usual deterioration in the ‘condition’ of the clay that one would expect at that stage.
ery ‘user friendly’ for beginners who struggle with working fast enough to prevent the clay drying. 

The clay is definitely easy to manipulate if you are designing as you go. Mistakes and cracks are very easy to repair/fill with a wet brush and it goes smooth quickly and nicely.

I bonded to pieces together beautifully, and only needed a little sanding. No problems and no minor surface edge cracking! I polished with the ‘sunshine’ cloth and was really amazed at the beautiful deep shine, it took me by surprise. The pieces also felt dense, and strong.

With its ability to blend so well when pasted, this makes putting the 3D pieces together seamless. The clay seems to take longer to dry out which gives more time for creating a piece. The clay has a lovely soft smooth texture and works for much longer than the existing 650. 

It carved well. When dry, it feels nice and velvety, not chalky. Collected all my sandings, drilling dust and tiny dried bits and reconstituted them. They came together really easily.

Reviews (24)

silver clay

Written by Anna Skrzynska on 24th Sep 2020

My most common order, I am satisfied but it is a pity that there are no other types of silver

Art Clay Silver

Written by Scarlets Fairy Folk on 26th Aug 2020

Great product and very easy to navigate the website to find things, Metal Clay Ltd have very good communication too.. all in all very happy A+++++ company and products.

Metal clay

Written by Hazel bourke on 6th Aug 2020

Dispatched quickly & well packaged. I gave ordered many times from and I am always happy with the service

ACS 20g

Written by Kim White on 21st Jul 2020

As with all other sizes of ACS this is fantastic to work with - my go to silver clay. Metal Clay Ltd are a brilliant company, excellent prices and fab customer service - I could not rate them higher

ACS 20g

Written by Kim White on 4th Sep 2019

I love Art Clay Silver - I use it all the time for my designs. It's very versatile and easy to make all kinds of jewellery and Metal Clay Ltd have super fast delivery, my go-to company for my clay products.

Silver clay and Solder review

Written by Sara Keeping on 4th May 2019

The products are great. They arrived far more quickly than I had expected as I ordered just before Easter. Very happy!

Metal silver clay

Written by Debbie pikesley on 21st Sep 2018

Great value for money and you can make so much from this size.


Written by Ruth on 5th Sep 2018

Love this product. Handcraft all my pendants and charms using silver art clay. Perfect for torch firing . Service is always super and delivery prompt.

Silver art clay

Written by Becca durn on 16th May 2018

I have ordered this product numerous times from this site and am always happy with the whole process and the product. Will continue to use!

I always buy this one now

Written by undefined on 9th Jun 2016

I find this clay very easy to work with not only in the wet stage but also after drying. It moulds very well producing good details and is easy to file and smooth

simply silver

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 10th May 2016

A lovely product for creating all your silver pieces. A great size lump which is substantial enough for most projects or several smaller projects. Fires well and is consistent in quality. Highly recommended.

An excellent product at a great price

Written by Kit on 27th Apr 2016

I find this product really easy to work and I think the 20 g is just a great size. I also think the price is a great help to those of us who are starting to grow our craft

Great for snake rolling

Written by Lesley on 15th Oct 2014

I love this product. It is brilliant for snake rolling / rods. You can blend joint area with ease.

Something for nothing

Written by Jude on 26th Mar 2014

Who doesn't like getting a bargain? I love working with silver clay.

Art clay silver

Written by Fiona on 3rd Mar 2014

An excellent product, easy to work with for a relative beginner. Nice getting the 3g extra free!

Love the new formula silver clay

Written by Roz Osborne on 8th Feb 2014

Really easy to use and simple to fire. Just wish the price would come down as would definetly use more! The additional 3 gms was very welcome.

Great to use!

Written by Rebecca Allton on 17th Jan 2014

Enjoying working with this clay and I'm finding I get a better finish too. I prefer to buy the 20gm packs as I can use it freshly opened and not risk the quality deteriorating by resealing unused clay from a larger pack. The 3gms freebie clay is most welcome too! :-)

silver art clay - 20gms + 3gms free

Written by Jacqueline D Norris on 11th Jan 2014

I was pleased to get this silver clay. As the product is always fairly expensive, getting the extra for free was a super bonus.

Love it!

Written by undefined on 7th Jan 2014

I'm a beginner and love this clay and don't think I'll bother trying any other sort. Having the extra 3gms is a bonus too. With the usual excellent service and very good price I'll be buying lots more of this!

Best product in silver clay

Written by A CAT Jewellery on 30th Dec 2013

This new formula is great, it gives you more time to work before it gets dry. The extra 3grms are great for more detail. The service as good as always.


Written by Tracy on 20th Nov 2013

Delighted with this clay! The best yet! Excellent service also!

Much better.

Written by Suzanne Butler on 30th Oct 2013

Having used the old formula, I would say that this new one is definitely better giving you much more time to work, before the clay starts to dry.

New formla

Written by undefined on 25th Feb 2013

The new formula is a bit sticky when you first open it, but just as good to work with as the old formula, and much better for working with at the dry stage, especially when scribing wording or designs.

Excellent gift.

Written by undefined on 24th Jan 2013

Bought as a gift for daughter who has recently discovered Art Clay Silver and considers that this allows her to express her creativity whilst producing lovely items to treasure.

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