Art Clay Silver PASTE Type - 20gm

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Real silver, which you can paint with? Yes, that is Art Clay Silver Paste!
We love this magical silver product. Use it to immortalise organic items like leaves into pure silver replicated items, and to repair, or glue silver clay items together.

This new formula (water-based) paste combines the features of the original Art Clay paste and the now discontinued Oil Paste, giving it more strength without the strong smell and more difficult handling of Oil Paste!

Use Art Clay Silver Paste to glue (wet or dry) clay parts together. 
It is great for repairing cracks and filling in marks and bumps. Overfill marks as the paste shrinks back as it dries, and then smooth out the surface with a fine abrasive sanding sponge or blending and smoothing foam.

Use the paste to add a texture to silver clay surfaces. Smudge it on, dab it on, drip or drizzle it on, or paint it on. For a neat design, why not stencil it on!

Or just drizzle it in layers on itself to build unbelievable unique silver designs.


Paint it onto a burnable core, like a leaf, twig, or cork clay, to create a fine silver replica. Here is a great article explaining how to make a silver leaf.


This new formula (water-based) paste combines the features of the original Art Clay paste and the Oil Paste, giving it more strength without the strong smell and more difficult handling of Oil Paste.  This also means you can use it to join the following: 

- Fired Art Clay pieces together
- Dried (un-fired) Art Clay piece and fired Art Clay piece together
- "Glue" or combine fine silver findings and fired Art Clay pieces together *a purity of higher than 950 sterling is recommended*.

The consistency of this paste is 90% silver and 10% binder. 

Art Clay Silver Paste - 20gm

Please note: the pot is NOT supposed to be full. It does contain the right weight of paste.

Reviews (9)

Silver paste

Written by Susan on 11th Nov 2019

A wonderful product that I use to encapture the beauty of real leaves.

Art Clay paste

Written by Linda Clark on 10th Jul 2019

This paste arrived in perfect condition and is great for use with seasonal flowers and seeds


Written by Kathryn on 3rd Jun 2019

I love this and can make several pairs of leaf earrings from this amount.

Art clay silver paste

Written by Jackie Newton on 5th Jun 2018

Love working with this paste, also used for a small repair to fired silver excellent results. Thanks

Art Clay silver paste 20g

Written by Linda on 9th Oct 2017

Arrived promptly and works as well as ever. I use it to paint leaves etc and it covers well. It also joins both fired and unfired pieces together.

AC paste

Written by Nana on 1st Aug 2017

This is lovely paste to work with, I like to buy it in this larger 20g pack as the 10g comes in the same container and is too tall for just 10 grams. This paste works for repairs, painting on details and combining dry pieces of clay. Highly recommended

Outstanding Service!

Written by Hazel Parker on 6th Nov 2015

As ever this product is good. Have found it reliable and easy to use. Outstanding service by Metal Clay; was sent out within 2 hours of order and arrived the next day. Thank you

silver clay paste

Written by undefined on 13th Aug 2015

this is good paste - havent bought silver clay in paste from before and am impressed - saves a lot of time from making it yourself. The package also arrived next day. Very good service. I like this site and like buying from here!

silver clay

Written by Val on 16th Jul 2015

I ordered this item at a better price than I could find elsewhere. It arrived the next day, well packaged. I shall be ordering from here again to make more items.

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