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A gorgeous warm-coloured and strong clay, with an extremely simple firing schedule.

Art Clay Copper only requires a 30 minute kiln firing time and you don't need to use any activated carbon or firing pans - you can even fire it with a torch! It is a incredibly reliable clay, and the clay we recommend whole heartedly to anyone new to base metal clay.

You shape and work with Art Clay Copper just like normal silver clay. You can mould it, press textures into it, stick dry pieces together, set stones in it; exactly as you would when working with silver clay.

Make sure any tools you use are clean of silver clay as this would contaminate your copper, creating an alloy which doesn't take to firing very well at all. Use separate files and abrasive papers/sponges, as these are almost impossible to clean.

Kiln firing:

Put the dried clay on shelf paper on a kiln shelf, as the copper can stick to the shelf slightly. Place in a hot kiln and fire at 970C for at least 30 minutes. When finished , don't let the kiln cool down. Yu need to quench the piece immediately from hot. Keep a steel bowl just under the kiln door, and as soon as you open the door, tip the kiln shelf over so the piece/pieces drop into the water. Every second the piece is exposed to the cooler air, it will oxidise, which will damage the piece. The quenching will allow most of the oxidised layer which occurs during firing to peel off. 

We also highly recommend firing under a thin layer of carbon - this makes the quenching a little less stressful, as the carbon layer will protect the copper and you can take a little longer moving it from the hot kiln to the quenching bowl. We literally poor a little carbon on top of the piece straight onto the shelf, so the piece is just covered with a couple of millimetres of carbon. This gets poured into the quenching bowl with the piece, but can then be sieved out, dried, and used again.

Torch firing:

You can torch fire smaller Art Clay copper pieces, keep them under 35gm, and ideally not much bigger than a 50p coin as anything bigger is impossible to keep evenly heated for the whole firing.

Place piece on a firing brick and heat until cherry red (much hotter than silver needs) for at least 5-7 minutes, depending on size.
Copper needs to be quenched immediately once you move the flame from it. This stops it from getting too much firescale/oxidisation. Keep a bowl of water close to your firing brick and keep it so it is level or under the edge of  the fibre brick; using long tweezers or tongs, either push the piece towards the water following it with the flame until it hits the water, or move the flame away and quickly pick up/push the piece into the water.

Storing Art Clay Copper:

The surface of Art Clay Copper will naturally start oxidising and the colour will darken over time if left in the air. If you do get a darkened surface on your unfired clay - scrape most of the layer off smoosh in any small dark pieces into the remaining clay. To avoid oxidisation of unused clay, wrap it in layers of cling film tightly, then place in a grip seal bag or air tight container. Our Art Clay Storage Pot is great for keeping your clay fresh and workable. Keep the clay indoors at a moderate room temp and out of direct sunlight. 

Did you know we stock embeddable copper findings? 'Embeddable' means you can add them to your clay in the wet stage and fire all at once.
Click here to see our full range of embeddable findings. 


Reviews (30)

Copper clay

Written by Jane Ayliffe on 22nd Feb 2021

This clay is lovely to work with and easy to use . When fired it is a nice rich colour and shines beautifully .

Art Clay Copper

Written by Tom charlesworth on 2nd Sep 2020

It's great fun to work with, I'm learning more and more with each batch I make. I've tried a couple of other metal clays but this is by far the easiest to use.

Art Clay Copper

Written by Ann Cawley on 27th Sep 2019

I love Art Clay Copper and have never used any other copper clay because I find it easy to work and fire. I usually enamel this clay.

This is my favoured copper clay ...

Written by Liz Shewan on 16th Feb 2019

This is easy to work with, mould and fire - my favourite brand to use for Copper. I do use a kiln though, when I have torched it I have not had so much success.

Copper clay

Written by Linda Barrell on 29th Oct 2018

copperclay is really easy to work with and not expensive. I have use it with different Patina’s to make key rings and handbag charms which i am really pleased with.

Coppr Clay

Written by Thea on 4th Jul 2018

Excellent product.

Coppr Clay

Written by Thea on 25th Jun 2018

Wonderful product - never disappoints.

Copper clay review

Written by Jemima on 20th Mar 2018

I have found this clay impossible to turn into metal. I followed the instructions precisely and all the items were like biscuits after firing. I tried adjusting heat and firing time, still no joy. Just don't bother, save your money and time! RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY: We're sorry to hear you're experiencing these problems Jemima. It sounds like your pieces are not fully sintering. We'd love to hear more about your firing process as we think we can help you get to the bottom of the problem. We successfully fire Art Clay Copper all the time so we're sure once you get the firing schedule down, you'll love working with it and will find it produces a lovely, warm copper metal. Please send us an email at and we'll see what we can do to help!

Art clay copper -50 gm

Written by Derek Hope on 25th Aug 2017

This is my second review of this product, but I have something to add. My previous review stands as it is - this is an excellent product - please read my first review. However two things have come to light, neither of which is a problem for me, and shouldn't be for you. 1. Copper tarnishes but we all know that. I've found that the patina that develops is pleasing and can vary on a piece according to the depths and highlights of the thickness. 2. Copper turns your skin green! - Yes it certainly does! Not that I want people to hide my handmade jewellery away, but some folk prefer to keep my crosses close to their chest, so-to-speak. I've found the answer here at - I've started to enamel the face of the indents of my crosses and using the enamel kit available on this site have started to enable the reverse side. A good looking, smooth and consistent finish - and no more green staining.

Art clay copper -50 gm

Written by Derek hope on 31st Jul 2017

As a newbie to making things in metal (I normally make wearable crosses in walnut, mahogany and other woods) I experimented in using air dried and domestic oven dried clays. That worked well and I started to think of metal products. I've found the Art Clay Copper similar to use as air dried clay intially. You can roll it, emboss it and use it it a mold. It air dries to a leather state an can be gently filed/sanded and cut with a sharp scalpel. The clay can be fired in a kiln, but I don't have one so fired by blow torch. At 1mm to 2mm thick and about one and a half times bigger than a £2.00 coin I gave it 3 minutes glowing at cherry red then turned it over and gave it 3 minutes glowing cherry red the other side. Then I quenched it in cold water. Some firescale an oxidation occurred. I brushed with a Dremel with wire brush attachment and polished with Brasso and a fine cloth. Result? Lovely. I'm wearing my finished cross myself and folk are interested in buying similar. I want to move into Silver but am going to buy a kiln first. Meantime my further order for Art Clay Copper is going in tomorrow. Great product. Great service from


Written by Karen on 13th Jun 2017

I have tried most of the copper clays and this is the only clay that doesn't give my work major firescale it just drops off with this clay, brilliant.

Great clay

Written by Natasa on 22nd Sep 2016

I am first time user:) it is great ... I'm really really pleased many thanks to the superb customer services team for answering my questions and helping me along the way.

Best Copper Clay

Written by Nana Louise Nielsen on 7th Sep 2016

This is the best copper clay out there in my opinion and I have tried a good few. I like it for the smoothness, the flex when dried in sheets for the silhouette, the small shrinkage and it seems easier to clean up after firing that some other clays. Unless I need a high shrinkage for some particular project I don't use any other brand anymore.

Great stuff

Written by Sara Johnson on 21st Apr 2016

As a first time user a little trial and error on the torch firing, but very impressed.

Easy to work with!

Written by Sofia on 16th Mar 2016

This is the greatest copper clay i have worked with so far! It really doesn't need more than 30 mins at 970 to be fully sintered and beautiful! I'm really really pleased with this clay and will only use this copper clay from now on!

Smooth & Silky Clay

Written by Michele Trapiche on 9th Feb 2016

This is my preferred brand of copper clay for a number of reasons. I like that this clay can be torch or kiln fired AND as an added bonus, you can fire it on an open shelf in the kiln instead of in carbon. The clay is also very smooth to use, unlike others that can feel a bit gritty. The amount you get for the money means that this clay allows you to practise using metal clay if you're not confident to use the more expensive silver version without worrying if you mess up.

1st time user, very impressed!

Written by Mrs L on 6th Aug 2015

Torch fired my first pieces made with this clay today, happy to say they turned out great. I don't have much experience with metal clay but this was so easy to work with from start to finish I will definitely be buying more in the future. Also, many thanks to the superb customer services team for answering my questions and helping me along the way.

Does what it says on the tin

Written by viv5645 on 20th Mar 2015

The finished product is bright and light rather than the deeper red copper you get with other makes. It really does fire in the half hour and using carbon can help where there is detail for firescale to get caught in. A cold plunge directly out of the kiln deliver most firescale to the bottom of the water pot. We enamelled on ours and got very good results using the torch firing method.

The best copper clay on the market today!

Written by Allison Littlefair on 23rd Oct 2014

After using several different makes of copper clay, I have found the Art clay copper to be by far the best. It is creamy in substance and very easy to mould and sculpt when making your desired piece. The only thing I more I could ask for is for there to be a 100gm packet of the clay as well as the 50gm x

Copper Metal Clay

Written by Sara Louise on 14th Mar 2014

Nice product, better than other Copper Metal Clays products I have used recently. Kiln fired in 30 minutes is a big plus as some are three hours and depends on how speedily you need the piece. I tried it two ways, one in air and the piece had some fire scale that all had to be removed. The rest I fired in activated carbon and a stainless steel box. This got the best results as no fire scale at all. Lovely product, beautiful result on the final pieces!

Working with ACC

Written by Andrea on 19th Feb 2014

Good product, easy to work with and longer working time than silver. Because it is very cost effective I often work a design in the copper before doing it in Silver, I find the best results are when its kiln fired. Lovely colour when polished.

Lovely to work with

Written by Gordon Stewart on 23rd Oct 2013

Easy to work with, great addition to working with metal clay, stays wetter for a bit longer giving more working time to refine the project and best of all, at the price you can afford to be a little bit more experimental. Love it.

Can I fire on gas stove too?

Written by undefined on 19th Apr 2013

I fire my silver on my gas hob and it works prefectly for me...can I do the same with copper? (I have a torch too, but just wondered) x Hi there, It's not recommended to gas hob fire Art Clay Copper. With gas hob firing, it's a lot harder to control the temperature. This isn't a problem with silver, and it doesn't have the complications of fire scale that copper does. Torch firing this works great though, and is super easy. Please do give us a call if you need any more advice on this, our number is 01929 481541. The Metal Clay Team

Easier then expected

Written by Kathryn on 8th Jan 2013

I'm new to this art clay. Worked with normal air dry clay, but was abit warry of this. Got some silver clay but not alot so brought copper clay to perfect before using the silver (as expensive!). Was surprised at how good it was. Still yet to fire my piece (next couple of days), so hopefully will impress even more. So pleased, just placed order for some more.

Easy to Use

Written by Fluffy 22 on 10th Dec 2012

this is the first time I have used it; but its so easy to work with and great results; just firing with a torch

1st copper project

Written by undefined on 6th Dec 2012

Just started last night but so far so good wetter than the silver clay but than can be a bonus for refining errors

Really easy to work with.

Written by undefined on 30th Nov 2012

I have never used copper clay before so I can't say how this compares. I am however a compleat beginner with metal clay (I have only used silver clay once before) but this was very easy to work with. You need to research the dos and donts first, but I had no problems once I braved opening the pack!

Good clay with improved quality.

Written by Hilary McKenna. on 29th Nov 2012

This clay is softer and it has a longer drying out time than previous, therefore you can correct any mistakes and try again.

Big improvement

Written by undefined on 26th Oct 2012

I have been using copper clay for a while now, and loved it. But this new, improved formula is fantastic, with a creamy texture and a long work time without drying out at the edges. Firescale is not a problem with quick quenching, and I get the stubborn bits off by immersing the cooled pieces in a solution of warm water, vinegar, and salt for five to ten minutes.

As easy as it says.

Written by Vicki on 29th Sep 2012

Just tried this and I'm very happy with the results. I was skeptical but it really is a lovely result. Shiny and lovely warm colour. Remember to have a big pot of water nearby to quickly quench in and you'll find 90% of the black oxidization jumps right off! After a little bit of brushing it's ready to go.

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