Clay Rolling Folders - pack of 10

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We were first introduced to these fabulous rolling folders by Wanaree Tanner. It really is a genius way of handling your clay and stop it from distorting.

Place your clay inside the folder when you roll it out (the folder is large enough to fit spacers, cards, the small rolling frame set is perfectly sized for this), then use the folder to lift and transfer your clay to your texture tile, and for shaping around ring mandrels or similar. Watch Wanaree’s video to learn how to use this product. Make sure to use a little Eco-grease, or other non-stick solution or olive oil on each side of the folder before rolling out clay.

The rolling folder holds the clay securely. As you use the folder to move and transfer your clay to textures, ring mandrels, and similar, the folder stops it from stretching or distorting.

It also means you handle it less with your hands, which is absolutely ideal if you’re one of us with dry warm hands (which causes the clay to dry out fast)! Each folder is made out of a sturdy material so this pack of 10 will last you a long time!

Each folder is approximately 180 x 130mm (7" x 5") - this is the perfect size to fit in the full small rolling frame!

Reviews (4)

Clay Rolling folders

Written by Anne polwart on 28th Mar 2021

I have not used as yet but just as I had wanted.

Good clean clay

Written by Gemma on 23rd Mar 2021

These are great for getting a nice smooth roll on your clay and great for stopping little bits of dust sneaking in there. Also great to stop your clay sticking to the roller, although it will still stick to these if it's too wet. Only downside is that they do crease easily, so be very careful how you store them.

Couldn't be without these now

Written by Hazel bourke on 17th Jan 2021

These folders are amazing! They allow me to work the clay for longer without it drying out or getting dirty. They are a good size & easy to wipe clean after use. They were sent quickly & well wrapped. Highly recommend both these folders & metal clay ltd

Rolling clay sheets

Written by Gilly Sprott on 4th Dec 2019

Great for rolling out art clay .

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