Clay Thickness Rolling Frames - Set of 6

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The clever Clay Thickness Rolling Frames make it even easier to roll out your metal clay and polymer clay!

No dirty playing cards to bump into your work. Each Rolling Frame is numbered to correspond to the number of cards in thickness each represents. Clay Rolling Frames offer a working area big enough for the most adventurous project.

Use the frames like you would a pair of spacers - place on your work surface, and put your ball of clay in the hole in the middle. Because the frame surrounds the clay, it allows you to roll at any angle whilst keeping the same thickness!

You get six different thickness frames in the set:

  • 0.3mm / 2 Cards
  • 0.6mm / 3 Cards
  • 1mm / 4 Cards
  • 1.2mm / 5 Cards
  • 1.7mm / 6 Cards
  • 2mm / 8 Cards

Outside dimensions are 17.5cm x 10.5cm (4" x 7") and they work perfectly with the 6"x9" Clayboard Non-Stick Rolling Surface.

Tip for Enamelists!
The #8 frame works really well for supporting stencils when sifting enamel onto copper or silver for firing patterns onto your pieces. They help keep the stencils still when removing them from your metal without dumping unwanted enamels onto your piece.

Exterior Dimensions: 17.5cm x 10.5

Interior Dimensions: 6.9cm x 13cm

Material: Plastic

Reviews (6)

Clay thickness rolling frames

Written by Carolyn Craven on 26th Feb 2021

WOW! They are so much easier than using playing cards. I like the fact that you can do one easy full length pass of the roller without everything moving or collapsing. Highly recommend!

Worth the investment!!

Written by Natasha Kinley on 25th Sep 2018

I wanted to try these clay thickness rolling frames for a while but thought they were something that could wait as they are not a cheap thing to buy and the cheapie spacer set works fine but I do frequently find the spacers irritating to use so I decided to bite the bullet and buy them. I am so pleased I did, they make rolling out textures a doddle, particularly if one is working on a big texture sheet of some kind but even the smaller ones are easier with these spacer sets for me, as my title says worth the investment!

Clay thickness rolling frames

Written by Marion on 23rd Apr 2018

Exceeded expectations. I have looked at these for a long time, should have got them sooner.

thicknessing frames

Written by PATRICIA on 19th Mar 2018

Very useful, much better than playing cards.

clay rollers

Written by morna on 16th Oct 2017

Does the job well, although I think they're overpriced.

Great tools

Written by Patrick on 23rd Dec 2016

Seeing these being used on Youtube, I thought they would be good, I was right. Nice size for the pieces I have made, helps me get the correct thickness when rolling the clay,easy to use.

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