Efcolor Cold Enamel Stove Set

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Easy enamelling with Efcolor stove set!

The Efcolor tea-light stove set, designed for baking Efcolor Cold Enamel Powders.

Clever little stove which only uses tea lights to heat it up. Rather than switching on your kitchen oven for only a few little pieces, use this oven instead - save both time and electricity. Also perfect if you have a kitchen oven with a built in fan which can blow away the enamel powder!

Included in the set:

  • stove
  • 3 x tea lights
  • 1 x firing plate
  • 1 x firing stand (for double-sided firing)
  • 1 x tweezers
  • 2 x U-shaped bars (holds your piece whilst sifting the powder on).


Reviews (13)


Written by Stephanie Beecher on 17th Jul 2018

Brilliant! Much better results than expected. Excellent value

Great piece of kit.

Written by LIBERTY on 27th Jan 2017

I'd already tried Efcolor enamel in a tabletop kitchen oven, with mixed results, so thought I'd try one of these little oven kilns. Arrived the next day after ordering and my initial actions were that I was very pleased with it, as came with everything including tools and even three tea light candles so it could be used straight away. It gave much more reliable results than trying to use a domestic oven. We already use conventional glass enamels that fire at over 850C, but wanted a solution to enamel onto an aluminium alloy with a melting temperature that is some 200C less than glass. We have already modified this little kiln so we can raise the temp to over 190C for using another product and we have also radically increased the height of the firing chamber, so we can dry out our larger moulds. Irrespective of the low price, this is a very useful piece of kit to have around the workshop.


Written by christine heywood on 6th Feb 2016

I am delighted with the effects that can be obtained with this lovely little oven - I'm in need of info as to how to clean the firinbg plate please x

Nice and easy

Written by patrick on 7th Nov 2015

No setup, easy to use,very good price.

Super little stove

Written by chris on 5th Nov 2015

Heats up quickly and cheap to run. Enamelling very sucessful in it. Easy to pack away and takes up little storage space. Perfect!

Very useful

Written by Petya on 27th Oct 2015

I'm very happy for having purchased this product. Now I'm using it not only for enamelling but also for baking polymer clay. Heats quickly, doesn't take much space, doesn't need electricity. Can be transported anywhere.

Love it!

Written by Lacey Kerr on 9th Oct 2015

I attended an Efcolor demonstration during the Metal Clay open day and ever since then I've been in love with this! A really easy way to add colour to metal and really fun to use. I agree with some of the other reviews that the lid could do with being a little higher, but overall, great product!


Written by Firefly on 20th Jun 2015

I bought the Efcolour enamelling stove so I could try my hand at enamelling on fine silver, I tried it on a tiny heart and it was perfect. I wanted to try the powdered glass type of enamelling but this is so easy and quick to use I will stick to this.

So useful

Written by Paige on 29th Oct 2014

So useful for baking miniature polymer clay pieces - no electricity wasted for just a small piece and you don't have to wait for the oven to warm up! Just make sure to use less candles and don't place the pieces directly onto the surface, as the original temperature is too high for polymer clay (I put them on a small ceramic plate). Bought it because of lack of space at university as an alternative to oven baking and it's so much simpler. Very happy customer!

I like it so much!

Written by David on 5th Sep 2014

The product is perfect. I bought it basically to bake my polymer clay, and does it perfectly. Be careful and go playing with two or three candles, depending on the result you want to obtain. The product arrived perfectly packed! I am very happy! Thank you, MetalClay! :)

So economical

Written by Diana Lambert on 25th Jan 2014

As I only have a fan oven which tends to blow the color powders off, I got one of these and can't believe how nice and easy it is and so economical only needing 3 tea lights! The stand to use for doing the reverse side is too big - prongs too far apart to balance smaller items.

Stove set

Written by Lisa Bartlett. on 23rd Sep 2013

Lovely, small and compact, it works a treat! Its also great for drying clay in between any enamel projects! I agree that the lid isnt high enough, i had the same problem when enameling a ring (it stuck to the lid) so i bought a deep tin foil dish, curved the edges around and now i use that as a lid when doing anything tall.

Problem with big items

Written by undefined on 7th Jun 2012

This is quite a good product, however I found that if you are trying to make a big piece (luggage tag or big round ones) the lid is not high enough. When you start doing the back on a stand the lid sticks to a piece. Was lucky enough to have similar size lid at home. Otherwise is a good for understanding a little bit of how the powder technique works.

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