Fibre Blanket - Extra Thick

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Use this soft thick ceramic fibre cloth to support your metal clay pieces whilst firing, to ensure they keep their shape. This product is sometimes called doll prop, fibre sheet or fibre blanket. Tear to size. This extra thick pillow measures approximately 127 x 152 x 25mm.

Reviews (10)

Kiln blanket

Written by Grainne on 17th Apr 2019

Love this kiln blanket, perfect for supporting unusual shaped items in the kiln whilst being fired

fibre blanket

Written by Jane Piper on 9th Apr 2019

perfect - kept my first silver clay ring round

Fibre blanket

Written by Chris Ward on 1st Jan 2018

Brilliant, just what I needed to slump glass into irregular shapes

Extra thick fibre sheet

Written by Tracey Owen on 1st Feb 2017

Still to use but was exactly what I was looking for to support piece's

Great product!

Written by Sofia on 16th Mar 2016

Very good product that makes the firing process easier!

Very versatile

Written by Michele Solak-Edwards on 13th Nov 2015

This is a great product and a "must have" for anybody firing silver art clay in a kiln. I use it to line the ceramic shelves and also to support everything during firing. It can be torn into small pieces and added inside hollow forms, inside rings to avoid too much warping and for padding around a shape so that it stays as flat as possible during firing. It's not just for use in the kiln though - I've used it to support fiddly pieces when soldering. Highly recommended.

Great product

Written by Ian Harrison on 16th Dec 2013

I have used it to support fine syringe repairs and am very pleased with the results

Fire Blanket

Written by Louise on 4th Jul 2013

brilliant - wish I had discovered this years ago.

Fibre blanket

Written by Karen on 18th Feb 2013

Stuffed without one of these, fantastic for supporting tiny jump links when soldering and for supporting many other things when soldering.

A really good product

Written by Kit on 3rd Jun 2012

This fibre blanket has a luxurious thickness and you can be sure it will protect the underlying surface. The blanket can be formed into a shape to support the piece being fired and the heat of the blow torch doesn't mark it which is great if you doing demos.

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