Gold Foil 24k - Extra Thick - Ideal for KeumBoo

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Extra thick superior quality 24 carat Eco conflict free gold foil for Keum-Boo.

This gold foil is absolutely gorgeous to work with. It is thicker than most commercially available gold foil, which makes it much easier to handle, it can easily be cut with fine scissors and even paper punches. We're quite sure it will give you more gold for your money - we suggest you do a comparison with other foils available!

Thanks to its thickness it is excellent for Keum-Boo (also called Kumbo, Kum-Boo, Kum-Bu or Keum-Bu), an ancient Korean technique where you fuse gold foil to your silver (or other metals, like steel), using heat and pressure, it gives a beautiful result.

Read more about the technique in Celie Fago's book, KeumBoo on Silver

  • 24ct.
  • 3.5 x 5cm
  • Approximately 0.014 mm/14 micron.

Note: The thickness varies from 0.012-0.016 mm, or 12-16 micron, across the surface. The thickness vary across as it is manufactured by adding many layers of ultrathin gold foils together until they reach the desired thickness. This also means that the density of the foil varies to that of a milled and rolled out gold lump/sheet of the same size. 

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Art Clay gold products come from 100% recycled gold, which has been extracted from scraps of industrial use (ie. electric parts, plating), jewellery and dentistry. It is not sourced from conflict mines.

Aida Chemical Industries Co. Ltd is recognised as Conflict-free Smelters which conforms to international guidelines set by CFSI (Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative).

Reviews (27)

Gold Foil 24K

Written by Susi Taylor on 10th May 2021

Great product, used it for Keum Boo project, lovely stuff.

Keumboo foil

Written by Grainne on 1st Jan 2021

This foil is a lovely thickness and perfect for Keum boo, it has a beautiful rich colour and is easy to apply. This is my preferred choice over other suppliers.

Gold Foil

Written by christina Ward on 16th May 2020

Ideal for Keum Boo. I draw my design on tracing paper first and then put the foil between this and another layer of tracing paper so easier to cut out without touching it. Can use a hot plate to make it adhere to the silver but I have an UltraLite Beehive Kiln, purchased from Metal Clay, which works a treat. Gives a lovely effect to jewellery without spending a fortune.


Written by Christine on 15th May 2020

This gold foil is perfect for Keum Boo. It's the second time I've ordered this. Good value and sent very quickly. Thank you Metal Clay!


Written by Yvonne Hutchen on 12th May 2020

First try at keum boo and this foil was great. Easier to handle than I imagined it would be.

keumboo foil

Written by Sue Clegg on 5th Feb 2020

Very nice product, great that I can get a smaller piece than in other places so that I could try out the technique

Gold foil

Written by Sara on 2nd Jan 2020

Great for keum boo, I'm so glad you are offering it by smaller pieces!

Keum boo foil

Written by Janet Woods-Lennon on 14th Oct 2019

This is the best foil I have found for this technique.

Keum boo foil review

Written by Dandelion silver on 5th Aug 2019

Great product. Probably a little thicker than previous foils I have tried in the past, easy to use with a great colour

Keum Boo Gold Foil

Written by C ward on 2nd Aug 2019

This is a really good price compared to other sites I have checked out. Have used it very successfully on fired clay by using it before cleaning the fired piece. Also used it on depleted sterling silver and worked absolutely fine. Adding it to silver gives a really beautiful effect and well worth the money.

Gold lead for keum boo

Written by Aline on 2nd Jul 2019

Good product - worked well and arrived quickly.

Art Clay Keum Boo Gold

Written by Mary Sugiyama on 5th Jun 2018

Fantastic price can't wait to try it.

Keum Boo Foil

Written by Heather Mcfadden (Gobbins Crafts) on 8th Mar 2018

This is the first time I have tried this technique and the foil worked amazingly well. Love the product and think it's good value.

Gold Foil

Written by Judith Black on 20th Feb 2018

Having used this before, I can say with impunity, that it is very good!

Keumboo gold

Written by Mr.Altay Tuzuner on 21st Nov 2017

For a long time I have been looking around to find thick gold leaf to satisfy my needs and finally I have ended up buying this product which met my requirements 100%. Though expensive, it has many uses in the restoration of antique articles.

Great gold foil

Written by undefined on 28th Dec 2016

An ideal weight of foil for the process, which I use a torch, rather than a hot plate for, so the foil weight is important to me, and a bright finish.

Reaching the gold standard

Written by Alice Portnoy on 22nd Nov 2016

If you're interested in using the Kuem Boo process for making jewellery you know that it requires gold foil. This is very expensive and in many cases you have to buy a large sheet which can cost £100. Through metal clay Ltd I was able to purchase a small quantity for a reasonable price that will enable me to make several Kuem Boo pieces. This is very helpful if you are a sole trader with limited budget.

Gold star

Written by Anna on 1st Nov 2016

Nice and thick and I like that it's 24ct not 23.5. I used it on silver sheet which I had depeleted to get the layer of fine silver and it worked perfectly. Personally I would like to be able to buy it in bigger sheets too, but that doesn't effect the quality of the product which is tip top

Good value 24ct foil

Written by Aileen Hamilton on 19th Jun 2016

An excellent way to add small touches of gold to silver. A good price compared to other suppliers and easy to apply once the silver has been properly prepared for Keum boo.

A bit of bling!

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 29th Apr 2016

I loved this easy to use gold foil, perfect for adding that extra bit of bling! a cost effective way to add a glimmer of gold.

Golden product ;)

Written by Caroline Hawkins of Fired! Silver Clay Jewellery on 10th Dec 2015

I use this for my keumboo work and it so nice to use. Easily manipulated and works beautifully on art clay once fired of course! Latest commission has been a giraffe and I used the foil effectively for the design.

Lovely to work with

Written by Kate Arnold on 22nd Oct 2015

I bought this as a first timer trying Keum Boo. It is so much more manageable than wispy gold leaf and really easy to handle. It cuts & punches easily making it really flexible. The price (while not cheap, but then gold isn't) is better than other suppliers and an affordable way to add a bit of gold to your work. Just remember - always wear gloves when handling to keep oils on your skin from getting onto it. (Vinyl or latex) I will be buying this again. :)

Best gold for keum boo

Written by Nana on 29th Aug 2015

Lovely thick gold and it gives lovely results. I lover that it is 24 ct and not 23.5 as some other sites.

Excellent product.

Written by Fiona Stewart on 28th Mar 2015

I'm new to Keum Boo and although a bit fiddly, I managed to adhere the folk foil to my silver. Expensive to buy for the size you get, but you cut your cloth! I would recommend this product.

keum boo gold foil

Written by Norma on 16th Feb 2014

Very easy to apply and so much easier to use than gold leaf. I was very pleased with the result. Would recommend this product.

Keum Boo Gold Foil

Written by Iliana Tosheva on 8th Feb 2014

I would rate it 10 out of 10! Very easy to work with! It is very easy to cut and really very easy to transfer onto your project. I had a perfect result on a pair of fine silver earrings cut out of fine silver sheet, not PMC sheet or paste in less than 10 minutes! I cannot be happier with this product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to try their hand at Keum Boo!

Gold foil for Keum Boo

Written by Mel Scarborough on 10th Oct 2013

A very good product and although it is difficult to measure the thickness it seems easy to cut placed between two sheets of tracing paper and then to transfer to clean fine silver. I have had good results every time I have used it and therefore very pleased.

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