JoolTool Essentials: 3" Backpads - 3pk

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Pack of three patented See-Thru™ Backpads, which you need to use your abrasives on the JoolTool - ideally, get one for each abrasive you'll be using.

Combined with 3M abrasives, they allow you to sharpen, grind or polish with a crisp and clear view of the work piece.

The top of the backpad disc has a moulded fin-like structure which directs airflow onto the workpiece, keeping it cool. The underneath is a perfectly trued, flat surface onto which you attach your 3M See-Thru abrasives.

If you're using fine abrasive film you will get an even better result and your abrasives will last longer if you add a Bumpon cushion between your abrasive and the backpad.

To install on the JoolTool™ system, simply twist onto the spindle. NO mounting hardware needed!

Size: 3"

Also available in 4" here.



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great tool but expensive

Written by undefined on 22nd May 2016

I love the way you can see your work when using this but they are riduculously expensive , I am looking to cobble together my own sanding discs !

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