Kiln Shelf - Hard Ceramic - 6"x6"

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Hard ceramic kiln shelf for glass fusing and metal clay. Can be stacked.

This premium refractory kiln shelf is a reliable, heat resistant work surface. Best used placed on kiln posts to allow for air circulation. It's a solid hard ceramic shelf - not a fibre shelf - which can withstand temperatures up to 1222°C.

Please note, whilst being very hard wearing, hard ceramic shelves can suffer from temperature shocks. We recommended you leave these to cool down to room temperature inside the kiln, rather than taking out them out whilst hot. Your shelf will very likely survive it a few times, but you will be introducing stress cracks, which can one day lead to the shelf splitting.

Perfect size for the Paragon SC2, Evenheat, and Prometheus PRO7.

Dimensions: 15.3cm x 15.3cm x 1.3cm (6"x6")


Add a set of 3x small kiln posts or 3x large kiln posts to your shelf.

To add on the kiln posts, just click the button that says "Add 3 x Small Kiln Posts" or "Add 3 x Large Kiln Posts" underneath the price. 

Small kiln posts are: Approx. 20mm Diameter x 14.5mm H

Large kiln posts are: Approx. 17mm Diameter x 22mm H

Please note: Ceramic kiln posts are fragile, and they don't always look perfect. We make every effort to pack them well, but accidents (and brutal delivery services) can happen and one might break in shipping. If this happens, just email us a photo and we will credit you the cost of the post. We won't ship a replacement as this isn't viable with postage and packing costs. Small chips which are cosmetic only and doesn't affect the functionality will not be credited. 

We recommend waiting for shelves to cool down to room temperature before removing from hot kilns, as the temperature change can cause stress cracks over time and lead to completely splitting. The pieces of shelf will still be useable, but you will no longer have a complete shelf!

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Does what it is supposed to do

Written by undefined on 21st Dec 2016

I purchased this kiln shelf plus the small posts for my Paragon SC2 and it fits perfectly. It will protect the kiln while enameling. Would buy again!

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