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Bullseye ThinFire Shelf Paper is a ceramic-impregnated shelf paper that provides excellent separation between glass and kiln shelf. Compared to other ceramic fiber materials, ThinFire is lightweight, creates less binder burnout odour, and produces a glossier finish on the shelf side of your project. As an alternative to kiln wash, ThinFire reduces shelf preparation time and improves surface release.

Bullseye ThinFire Shelf paper can also be used when producing items in metal clay where you need two parts to be joined but move freely, like spinner rings. For spinner rings you would carefully wrap strips of the paper round a channeled ring core until it is just below the top of the channel, then build the second band (the part that will spin freely) on top of the paper. During firing, the shelf paper will burn away, hopefully leaving you with a free spinning center core. Carefully place the ring in a bowl of water after firing to dissolve and paper dust left, and to keep the dust contained and easily disposed of. You may need to 'spin' your ring for a while to free it up. Hours of fun...!

After firing, ThinFire is reduced to a fine layer of ash. As with all ceramic fiber material, avoid breathing residual dust. When disposing of ThinFire, wear a NIoSH-approved mask and clean your kiln shelves with a HePA-filtered vacuum to avoid spreading the dust.

  • Store ThinFire in a dry place. Moisture from a basement or garage can affect performance even if the paper later dries.
  • ThinFire Shelf Paper is intended for single use as it fires to a fine dust.
  • Sheets measure 17.5cm x17.5cm.
  • Pack contains 4 sheets.

Reviews (3)

thinFire Kilnpaper

Written by Irma on 17th May 2020

Wow this paper is way thinner than what i am used too, can't wait to try it out

A problem solved

Written by Georgina Bellis on 6th Dec 2016

This paper seems to have solved my problem of my silver and fire block sticking together. Hurrah!!!

a must have

Written by Gordon on 8th Nov 2015

Love them. Great value pack as I only need cut a section to fit the size I need a pack of 4 will last through a few firings. I do enamel work and glass slumping, these are great value shelf protectors

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