• Stainless Steel Support Mesh Small Mesh

    Stainless Steel Support Mesh

    Choose from a small or large Stainless Steel Support Mesh for use in your kiln. These lightweight stainless steel racks come with 2 sides pre bent, they are designed to not absorb too much of the heat from your kiln which means an overall better firing...

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  • Stainless Steel Mesh Small

    Stainless Steel Mesh Small

    Use the mesh for drying or firing your silver clay pieces. It lifts them up and allows air to circulate round the piece. Great if you are using a hair dryer to dry your piece, keeps your fingers away from the heat! Measuring approximately 10x14cm. 

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  • Gas Hob Firing Mesh - With Cover

    Gas Hob Firing Mesh - With Cover

    Gas Hob Firing Mesh with protective cover Use this steel net for firing Art Clay Silver Clay on your kitchen gas hob or on a camping gas stove. This firing mesh includes a protective cover net which you place over your silver clay whilst firing. This...

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