Photopolymer Plate Starter Kit

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Our photopolymer plate starter kit gives you everything you need for making stamps (except a UV light). And, it gives you a chance to try one of each of our plastic backed photopolymer plates. 

Photopolymer plates are UV sensitive plates which are used to create stamps and textures from your own artwork, drawings, fingerprints, handprints, paw prints, handwriting, or even some photos.

You layer your artwork and photopolymer plate and expose it to UV light. This hardens any areas on the photopolymer plate which the UV light can reach. After exposure, you rinse the plate in water and remove any uncured parts. Leaving you with a perfect stamp to use on your metal clay!

This starter kit includes:

  • 1 x exposure sandwich 14 x 12cm
  • 4 x clips
  • 1 x wash-out brush (colour vary from kit to kit)
  • 1 x A8 Toyobo/Boxcar plastic backed photopolymer plate 0.43mm thick
  • 1 x A8 Toyobo/Boxcar plastic backed photopolymer plate 0.95mm thick
  • 1 x A8 Toyobo/Boxcar plastic backed photopolymer plate 1.52mm thick
  • 1 x A8 Imprint plastic backed photopolymer plate 0.94mm thick

PLEASE NOTE: Exposure time of your Photopolymer Plates can vary depending on the type of clamp you're using. We highly recommend doing test strips first to find the exposure time that works for the combination of clamp, plates or sachets, and light you're using. 
Please read our Photopolymer Plate instruction sheet to learn how to create informative test strips.

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Photopolymer Plate Starter Kit

Written by Jenny on 1st Jan 2020

Very good product. Thanks

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