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The Stampmaker Craft Kit has everything you need to make your own high-quality, incredibly detailed polymer stamps from any artwork. Use images, handprints, paw prints, drawings, photos, lace, or text, to create negatives which you then turn into stamps.

Yes, the finished stamp detail is so good that you can even use photos! And it takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Use your own handmade stamps to imprint or texture metal clay, card making, scrap booking, home decor, or any other craft application where you would use a stamp. The finished stamps have a rigid back and require tape or cling if you want to attach them to an acrylic block. The resin is quick to develop and easy to wash away, making it ideal for first time stamp makers.

The kit includes:

  • UV Imagepac Stampmaker lightbox
  • A7 Magnetic Clamp
  • Light Blocking Mask (A8 & A9)
  • 4 Imagepac sachets Medium (A7)**
  • 5 Imagepac sachets Small (A8) **
  • Sample test negative
  • Post exposure tray
  • Washout brush for cleaning out sachets after curing
  • Timer
  • 3  x A4 Imageblack Inkjet Negative Printing Sheets (A4)

** Please note the image is showing a different content - the content has been updated by Imagepac to what is listed above.

PS - you can also use your UV light box with Photo Polymer plates, and to harden our UV gel for jewellery making!

You will also require access to the following items:

  • A PC or MAC with Design Software*
  • Inkjet Printer (to produce your negatives)
  • Scissors or Craft Knife
  • Sink or tray with warm water
  • Washing up liquid or soap
  • Optional: Self inker or acrylic block (if you prefer to have a ‘handle’ – these can be used alone)



*Advice on Images

In order to be able to produce and print your images, you will first need to create your image digitally ready for printing. It is possible to use Microsoft Word for simple Stamps such as words or symbols, however we recommend basic design software for editing or creating more bespoke images. Free software programmes include GIMP, PAINT.NET, and Photoshop Express, however for more advanced users, programmes such as Corel Draw, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator also work well.

We also recommend access to a camera or scanner if wanting to use fingerprints or textures taken from life.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t recommend using scissors or a guillotine as this will more often than not damage the seal. The separation should be done by a rapid snatching motion, pulling them apart - not a slow, tough tear, as this will damage at least one, if not both sachet seals.

Click here for full instructions.

Click here for further support

Reviews (6)

Mixed review

Written by Louise parker on 16th Jan 2021

Product seems OK but nothing I do will make a stamp I have wasted all the sachets given In the kit and made 0 stamps. I have youtubed the videos and been searching for the answers but nothing.

Thank you!

Written by Jo on 1st Jul 2020

Firstly, thank you to Metal Clay Ltd for pointing this product out. I've had a specific design concept in mind for ages but was struggling to bring it into being and this beauty has just made that not only possible but easy!! The detail that comes out is very impressive. My first batch wasn't amazing because i couldn't get my inkjet to print dark enough and i hadn't flexed the sachets enough to ensure they were even all the way across. I double printed my negative - massive improvement in the depth and quality of the stamp. I'm really delighted with this

Complete stamp kit

Written by Vickie on 7th Mar 2017

I struggled with the kit at first. I was wondering how you get the stamp to stand out more? I have tried all different ways but I can't seem to get it right as I want to imprint into PMC.

Stamp kit

Written by Charlie Miller on 17th Jan 2017

Came promptly in a large well packed box. Very good instructions and really easy to use. Have already made a few stamps of excellent quality, from our own artwork. Detail finer than 0.1 mm is reproduced accurately. We use these stamps to impress relief into silver clay and polymer clay as part of our new jewellery ranges. Hope they sell well at Scotlands Trade fair next week.

Problem with the 2 lamps

Written by undefined on 3rd May 2014

Problem with 2 lamp is not working,and the another one is flashing (open-close). ***RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY*** Hi there, unfortunately you posted this without giving your name, so without knowing who you are, we can't get in touch. We haven't had anyone contact us regarding a faulty box - if your box still isn't working, please get in touch straight away so we can help you! You might have sorted it out yourself though; if a bulb is keeps coming on and going off it is almost certainly just that it needs to be pushed in firmly into its socket.

Loving stamp making!

Written by Sara Wordley on 9th Apr 2014

So this kit provides everything you need to make stamps. I felt the kit was well put together and thought out. Just watch and read the instructions provided and after a while making stamps becomes a fairly straight forward process. I cannot wait to make up more stamps!

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