Stampmaker INKJET Artwork Film, A4 - pack of 10

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10 x A4 inkjet artwork films for use with the stampmaker kit and photopolymer plates for making your own stamps.

Please note, inkjet printer settings must be adjusted to 'speciality' or 'matte' paper.

You can only print on one side. To find out which one, wet your fingers and hold the paper, which ever side sticks to your wet finger is the side you need to print on.  

We always recommend doing a small test stamp each time you change printer ink brand, to see how clear your stamp turns out;
Some inks have better UV filters than others, so even if light is visible through the black areas, light could still be blocked. Pigmented black ink is the best type to use with Artwork Film, as it prevents UV light penetrating through, even if you can sometimes still see light through the black areas.

Some cheaper inks use dye rather than pigment, in which case you may need to print multiple copies to line up with each other, until you can no longer see light through the black areas. This is because this type isn’t as efficient at blocking UV light.

Also available as individual sheets

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Good quality

Written by Amy on 13th Jan 2018

Good thick quality sheets that hold inkjet ink very well. Do your research before using to buy the right printer for this kind of paper / craft.

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