Wood Clay (Mokunen San)

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Wood Clay (Mokunensan) - 300g

Create hollow silver pieces using Art Clay Silver ClayPaste, or a delicate open filigree design using the Art Clay Silver Syringe, with our new eco-friendly wood clay product. It's made from the scrap material from pencil production, so nothing goes to waste!

This wood clay product is replacing our discontinued cork clay. It works in the same way, but it has smaller particles, making it much smoother.

Sculpt and shape it whilst moist, and once dried it goes hard and can be re-shaped using hand files or carved with a Carving tool. The wood clay can also be used to make decorative items which you can paint and keep - the choice is yours!


It's self-drying, and dries at room temperature for 3 days. Or, if you’re short on time, place it in a dehydrator for several hours.

How to fire with metal clay:

- Fire in a kiln to enable the heat to penetrate through the piece

Heat up to 500C on a slow ramp, and hold for 30 minutes. This will enable the metal clay to harden enough to keep its shape, and the wood clay to burn away.

- Then follow the rest of the firing schedule of your chosen clay  *If the clay you're using includes a low temperature stage similar to this (such as Art Clay 950), you don't need to add this further step onto the schedule.*


*Make sure the clay is fully dried before covering with silver clay **

Wood clay is safe to use, as it creates non-toxic fumes when it burns out.

** Always fire in a well ventilated room, as it does produce some smoke! **

Once open, wrap up carefully in double layers of clingfilm, and put in a grip seal bag, keep in room temperature.

Size: 300g
(Approx. 10.5cm x 9cm x 3.5cm)


Reviews (4)

WOod clay

Written by Jane Ayliffe on 22nd Feb 2021

This clay is great to form pmc round when you don’t want to use a lot of your silver . It burns away beautifully but be careful of the fumes ,use it in a well ventilated area .

Wood clay

Written by Hilary Thorogood on 4th Feb 2019

I bought this product to make some hollow beads following Lis-el Crowley’s excellent tutorial on cooltoolsus https://www.cooltools.us/Hollow-Bead-using-Wood-Clay-by-Lisel-Crowley-s/2583.htm Until I saw this tutorial I was a bit nervous about using wood clay. I needn’t have been it’s so easy and very successful. Forming it into balls was easy and I dried them in the airing cupboard for 24 -36 hours. I then followed Lis-el’s instructions which worked very well. I found you need to reinforce the elements ell to ensure they are well stuck down. The holes are quite difficult to line up across the centre of the bead but in reality that didn’t matter too much. I cushioned them in a slit in some kiln blanket leaving the holes exposed and then fired at 800 for 90 minutes. (It produces quite an impressive amount of smoke while burning out)! My holes were a bit small for the chain I wanted to use but they were easily drilled out afterwards with my dremel. Delighted with this easy to use product which I have wrapped well and put in a glass airtight container.

Wood Clay

Written by Ann on 16th Nov 2016

Looking forward to using, as used on my L1 course and found it good when combined with clay syringe to make wire like balls.

love this product

Written by Grainne Reynolds on 15th Nov 2016

A really great wood clay very easy to use. It is smooth in texture and can be moulded into shape easily, can also be sanded to achieve an ultra smooth finish. Wonderful for creating hollow forms with silver clay, Can be kiln or torch fired with surprisingly little smoke. Wrap any remaining wood clay up well to prevent from drying out.

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