Foredom Rotary Tumbler - Metal Burnisher and Polisher

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Foredom Rotary Tumbler - Metal Burnisher and Polisher

Foredom’s new direct drive rotary tumbler is excellent for burnishing gold, silver, and other metals. It’s efficient and compact, with programmable controls, making polishing even easier!

Just set the timer, choose rotation direction, and select the speed. We recommend a tumbling media to piece ratio of 5:1 for optimum performance.


  • 20 levels of speed control ranging from 5 - 100 rpm. Slower speeds help prevent distortion to softer, thinner pieces.
  • Two directions of tumbling - constant or alternating options can be selected. Changing direction gives the most even results.
  • Work cycle duration up to 180 minutes long.
  • Clear, leak-proof, hexagonal barrel with halfway mark, and locking cam arm. 
  • Direct driving wheels - meaning you’ll never have to replace a belt again! 
  • Electronic display, and push buttons including a ‘Memory’ button to save your favourite setting.
  • Carry handle.
  • Maximum Media Load: 1 kg. (2.2 lb.) Maximum Work Piece Load: 0.2 kg. (7.04 oz.)
  • Maximum total load including media, pieces and water: 3kg 

How to use:

  • Turn the barrel on its end and open.
  • Fill the barrel with your media and pieces.
  • Fill to the half full mark with your chosen barrelling compound and water.
  • Seal back up, place on driving wheels, and choose a setting.


Size of machine: 250mm (9-3/4″) H x 175mm (7″) W x 240mm (10-1/4″) D
Barrel: 106mm (4 1/8″) inner diameter at widest, 144mm (6″) between rollers, 84mm (3-1/4″) diameter door opening.
Barrel capacity: 1.1 litres (1.16236 qt)


*Please note:*

  • The tumbler must be on a stable and flat level surface while in use.
  • The barrel must have a full load inside to ground it. Too light a load will cause vibration, and too large will overload the tumbler and cause excessive wear.
  • To clean, use mild dish soap or dishwashing liquid and lukewarm water. Never use cleaners containing containing ammonia or solvents such as Alcohol, Trichloroethyiene, Thinner, Gasoline, as it could damage the barrel.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dry with a soft damp cloth. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • If the cleaning solution begins to look dirty, change immediately.
  • Clean the lid's O-ring weekly and lubricate with petroleum jelly to prevent perishing.


Tumbling media and accessories sold separately here.

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