Junior Tumbler Complete Kit

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Everything you need to tumble polish, together in one complete kit!

Kit Includes: 

* 3lb plastic vaned barrel
* Tumbler base 
* Stainless steel shot
* Barreling compound

This tumbler is suitable for Metal Clay, Art Clay, PMC, Copper Clay and Bronze Clay, sterling silver, copper and bronze and consists of a high-quality British made barreling body and a 3lb plastic barrel with vanes. The vanes in the barrel help to move your pieces around, so they polish faster. This is the the easiest way to give your silver pieces a beautiful polished shine. 

How to use your tumbler kit day-to-day: 

  1. Open the barrel (if using the plastic barrel, put the lid-end in HOT water first to soften it), drain out most of the old water which your shot has been sitting in.
  2. Fill with a little water from the tap, swirl the shot around, pour out most of the water (if it looks very grey and scummy; repeat this step until clear)
  3. Fill to slightly less than half full with clean water
  4. Add about 0.5 teaspoon of barrelling compound (depending on size of barrell and your water - we have extremely hard water so we use a little more than others)
  5. Add the metal to be polished
  6. Replace the lid (if using the plastic barrel, don't forget to put the lid in hot water before replacing it)
  7. Tumble for an hour or more. Until you know how to long to tumble, take your pieces out every hour and check.
  8. When happy with the finish, take out your sparkly pieces!
  9. Make sure the shot is completely covered by the water, and leave until next time! If the water looks very dirty and messy I replace some with fresh water until it covers the shot, add 0.5 teaspoon of compound, shake until dissolved.

A little note on polishing - this tumbler is designed to polish or burnish your pieces. If you use it with stainless steel shot and water it is not an abrasive - so it will not remove scratches. If you have any scratches you need to put in a little work and remove these by hand before you tumble polish. Tumbling for a long time might round off and smooth out the scratches slightly, but it will not remove them.

A couple of notes on maintenance - Every week, unplug the tumbler and put a drop of oil on the steel shaft of the roller where they pass through the bearing blocks. Every month, put a drop of oil on the motor shaft, where it protrudes through the side of the machine (use car grade oil for this). 

* Tumbler kits require a signature on delivery so please give a delivery address where someone is available during the day 

* Includes a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. 



Reviews (4)

junior tumbler kit.

Written by Tony Leah on 4th Oct 2018

brilliant for polishing my brass cartridge cases, after firing, cleans inside and outside,to sparking finish.drop of washing up liquid,and dishwasher rinse aid,with barrelling compound,3hrs later job done.

Patience rewarded

Written by undefined on 18th Mar 2016

After much research I bought this tumbler which to my delight turned out to be an Evans one! My one "problem" was the one hour struggle I had putting the well heated plastic lid back on.I opened the end without the label after the hot water treatment. Presumably this is the bottom.The barrel had obviously expanded at the same rate hence the struggle.Eventually that end went back on and after hot watering the other end it came off and went on again relatively easily. My fingers were now shriveled. The well prepared shott worked perfectly to give a fabulous shine to the copper clasp. I hope the rubber barrel which I have not used yet(it is only for silver) will be easier to open and close

The best

Written by patrick on 7th Nov 2015

These makes polishing silver and copper a breeze. Very easy to use,no mess,plug in and let it do its job.

great starter kit

Written by Gordon on 29th Oct 2015

Excellent little kit for getting into tumble polishing, gives a good finish. Easy to care for and clean and more importantly, there are spares available for the parts that will wear over time

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