Barrelling Compound - 130g

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Premium professional quality barrelling compound. Use to keep your stainless steel and carbon steel shot rust free and in good shape. The compound also helps to bring out a nice shine in your silver.

Use less than a teaspoon for a 3lb barrel, for a smaller barrel you only need half a teaspoon. If you use too much compound it will fill your barrel with bubbles, which will slow down the tumbling action. If you use too much compound in a plastic barrel the suds can even start push against the lid, causing it to leak. Try it with less than you think and see what happens.

Sometimes called burnishing soap, barrelbrite, or tumbling soap.

UK made. 

Resealable bag with approximately 130gm of compound. 

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Reviews (5)

Does what is says

Written by Carol Barker on 30th Oct 2016

Great price, quick delivery, great product. Does exactly what is is meant for.

Good quality compound

Written by A. C. A. (Romania) on 4th Apr 2016

The barreling compound, it’s important, not so much for the jewelry pieces itself, as many might thinking, but mostly to keep the steel shots lubricated and keep the dirt and oxidized dark matter off from the pieces, into the barreling liquid suspension. Thus, the barrel detergent is doing a very fine foam, that keep the shots lumped together, a lump that when it is elevated by the vanes inside of barrel, during the rotation, fall on and breaks, pounding with increased force onto jewelry, accentuating the hammering effect, doing a hardening while it’s doing the cleaning! So, most of the effect is on the steel shots side, rather than the jewelry pieces itself. Now, I experimented with this compound; if you use lesser than necessary, you will get the dark matter spread onto all the pieces inside, is much worse than not cleaned :-( If you put too much, the extra foaming in the barrel could cause the lid to pop off during tumbling, the liquid pouring into the tumbler etc. You can add jewelry and water maximum up to 2/3 from the tumbler volume and then you need a tablespoon full (topped) of compound. The best results I got for a 2 lb plastic barrel, filled with 500 Grams steel shots, few small silver jewelry (5 pendants, one medium chain, a medium bracelet and 2 pairs of earrings) and just a cm of water over the steel shots, this reached to bit less than the half of the barrel height. To that load, I used a teaspoon leveled of compound and worked amazing. So, is good, when you open the barrel and you find a very fine bubbling foam, but not excessive; under the foam it’s a murky water while the pieces of jewelry are shining through the steel shots. Mind you, those were finished jewelry but very tarnished and kept 1 h in the tumbler. Very good compound, simply to use and not expensive. Mind you, there are barreling compounds that cost 40£ a bottle and it’s difficult to dose it. For sure, there are people that are stating that they are using few drops of dish detergent and they solve the problem. For me it’s different; I always keep it straight when is about to respect a technology, or respecting chemicals and dosages, while I also myself cut sometimes the corners, for issues where is possible (for example the tumbler I’m using it’s made by me, from different scavenged items and is so powerful that I can run 3 barrels of 2lb in same time, effortless). A large and powerful tumbler like that, it’s maybe 300 USD, if not more but for me it was almost nothing. As I said, I never cut corners, when is about the chemicals that obtain consistent results, all the time! If I want consistent patina quality, I’m using the XL gel, if I want very fast pickling , I’m using the pickling compound sold by Metal Clay and not that joke propagated on internet with vinegar and salt, etc. Resins, lacquers, chemicals - all the professional line and respecting their procedure.


Written by undefined on 28th Aug 2013

I really like this compound, as makes my Silver and Gold filled Jewellery ever so shiny! It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin either (like some other compounds seem to do). I'd love to see an option to buy a bigger bag though (at a more competitive price).

Good stuff

Written by undefined on 16th Apr 2013

The barreling compound seems to work very well with my tumbler, as it left a lovely shine. Just hope it works with preventing rusting.

Good product, good price

Written by Sophie Marie Smith on 28th Mar 2013

A little goes a long way, very useful product :)

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