Mini Tumbler Complete Kit

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Everything you need to tumble polish, together in one complete kit!

Kit Includes: 

* 2lb plastic vaned barrel
* Tumbler base (fits 1.5lb & 2lb barrels only) 
* Stainless steel shot
* Barreling compound

This tumbler is suitable for Metal Clay, Art Clay, PMC, Copper Clay and Bronze Clay, sterling silver, copper and bronze and consists of a high-quality British made barrelling body and a 2lb plastic barrel with vanes. The vanes in the barrel help to move your pieces around, so they polish faster. This is the the easiest way to give your silver pieces a beautiful polished shine. 

How to use your tumbler kit: 

  1. Open the barrel (if I'm using the plastic barrel I put the lid-end in HOT water first to soften it), drain out most of the old water which my shot has been sitting in.
  2. Fill with a little water from the tap, swirl the shot around, pour out most of the water (if it looks very grey and scummy; repeat this step)
  3. Fill to slightly less than half full with clean water
  4. Add about 0.5-1 teaspoon of barrelling compound (depending on size of barrell and your water - we have extremely hard water so I use a little more than others)
  5. Add the metal to be polished
  6. Replace the lid (if using the plastic barrel, put the lid in hot water before replacing it)
  7. Tumble for an hour or more. Until you know how to long to tumble, take your pieces out every hour and check.
  8. When happy with the finish, take out your sparkly pieces!
  9. Make sure the shot is completely covered by the water, and leave until next time! If the water looks very dirty and messy I replace some with fresh water until it covers the shot, add 0.5 teaspoon of compound, shake until dissolved.

A little note on polishing - this tumbler is designed to polish or burnish your pieces. If you use it with stainless steel shot and water it is not an abrasive - so it will not remove scratches. If you have any scratches you need to put in a little work and remove these before you tumble. Tumbling for a long time might round off and smooth out the scratches slightly, but it will not remove them.

A couple of notes on maintenance - Every week, unplug the tumbler and put a drop of oil on the steel shaft of the roller where they pass through the bearing blocks. Every month, put a drop of oil on the motor shaft, where it protrudes through the side of the machine (use car grade oil for this). 

* Tumbler kits require a signature on delivery so please give a delivery address where someone is available during the day 

* Includes a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. 


Reviews (14)


Written by Adrian Gray on 28th Jan 2020

I did a lot of research before deciding which tumbler would meet my requirements. I am far from disappointed. A great little machine at a good price

Mini tumbler kit

Written by Shelly on 17th May 2019

I am so pleased with the mini tumbler kit. It's very easy to use and much quieter than expected. I followed the instructions of placing in hot water to open and seal the lid without any issues. My jewellery pieces came out really sparkly and looked so professional after being tumbled rather than just hand polishing. The kit is well worth the investment.

Mini tumblEr kit

Written by Sam grant on 1st Jan 2018

Im so pleased with my mini tumbler, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow and the results are fabulous, this is going to save so much time. There is only one down side, it is a little noisy, but it’s a small price to pay for the amount of time that you save individually polishing each piece. It’s 5 stars from me

Mini tumbler complete kit

Written by cilla hankin on 28th Aug 2017

I've always poilshed my PMC silver jewellery by hand - hours of dutifully going down the grit grades to get a mirror finish, which I never really achieved, so when I saw this kit I thought I'd give it a try. What a difference. A few hours in the tumbler and my jewellery sparkles. The drum lid is a tight fit, which it needs to be but a quick soak in hot water, as per instructions, makes it easy to put on and take off. It wasn't too noisy either. I have it in the kitchen and just shut the door and leave it to run. The kit is also a bargain. It was much cheaper than buying the tumbler, shot and compound separately. One tip - use a tiny amount of the compound (you can always add more) I put about a quarter of a teaspoon in at first and when I opened the barrel to check on progress, loads of foam bubbled out. A great purchase that has saved my fingers hours of tedious hand polishing. Very pleased.


Written by undefined on 30th Dec 2016

It's a great product. Everthing worked perfectly with me.It's slightly loud but wasn't too bad. I tumbled my earrings just for two hours and they were already beautifully shiny. Thanks Metal clay!


Written by LindaG on 23rd Oct 2016

Worked as stated. I did not find the plastic drum particularly loud. Initially I thought the drum would not turn and the machine faulty but it was only balancing out the contents and it was soon spinning around merrily. Jewellery comes out beautifully shiny!

Very good machine

Written by Sally Stimpson on 4th Apr 2016

I haven't tried the plastic barrel as I didn't like the effort needed to open and close it, and had read that it is noisy. I could have used instructions on how to open the rubber barrel, but worked it out in the end. Once up and running very quiet and efficient. Thank you.

Arrived swiftly.

Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2016

Haven't used it yet, however I was impressed with the reviews it had received and the price.

Difficult to start

Written by undefined on 24th Feb 2016

The drum supplied does not grip the drive rollers. I have great difficulty getting the drum to start revolving. I have tried different amounts of water and shot but this makes no difference. Could somebody please advise. **RESPONSE FROM METAL CLAY** Hello, We're sorry to hear you're having problems with the tumbler. They are normally quite reliable so we'd love to find out a bit more about how you're using it and hopefully offer a solution. Please send us an email to or call 01929 554771.


Written by Julie Naylor on 25th Jan 2016

Purchased this in December after trawling the internet for the best deal - very few customer reviews available on tumblers - which was instantly one reason for trusting this site. And the reviews completely hold up: it's awesome and my jewellery comes out shiny shiny after a couple of hours! So please recommended to another member of my class - and she was also impressed. Thank you Metal Clay!

No more hand polishing!

Written by Sonobaby - S. Blechschmidt on 19th Dec 2015

I am just so happy with this tool - it makes my work so much easier and my hands stay (just a bit) cleaner...

Excellent product.

Written by Fiona Stewart on 31st Oct 2015

Having done lots of research and reading loads of reviews, I purchased this barrel polishing kits. It is a great little machine, perfect for my needs. I need make the additional purchase of the rubber barrel, which I would highly recommend. Perfect little machine that does a perfect job.

Excellent time saving product

Written by SuzeH on 20th May 2015

I wish I'd bought this tumbler a couple of years ago. The results are amazing, particularly on the silver clay. It produces a lovely finish and hardens the silver really well. I think of all those hours I've wasted in the past by hand polishing .... never again. I love this tumbler and I highly recommend it.

Very pleased with my tumbler

Written by Dawn on 22nd Mar 2015

I upgraded and bought the rubber barrel too, on the basis that a) it would be quieter and b) I could then use the plastic one for non-shot media for when I want a satin finish. Took me a couple of goes to get the rubber one cleaned properly; but O..M..G; the shine that results on both my silver clay and sterling items after a bit of tumbling. I never want to go back to hand polishing!! My top tip is that I am using an old jelly straining bag to keep the shot from spilling when emptying it all and an old washing powder tub to keep the shot in when not in use. The use of the rubber barrel keeps the noise to less than my breadmaker, so I can't hear it running in any of the other rooms in the house. I love this and wish I had bought it much earlier!

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