Siligum Moulding Compound - 100g

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Siligum 2 part silicone moulding compound.

To use, mix equal parts of the two colours until they become one even colour. Press onto the texture or shape you want to capture. Let cure for about 5 minutes. When you can press a finger nail into the compound without it leaving a mark, it is ready to de-mould. Let rest for about 5-10 minutes before use.

Siligum will produce an absolute minimum of 50 casts  (used with metal clay it seems to last forever) and can be used with metal clay, polymer clay, plaster, resin, and even low melting metals and waxes. 

Use within 12 months of purchase.

100g will cover approximately 150 x 150mm.

100gm which comes as 2 x 50gm pots.

Reviews (10)

Moulding compound

Written by Ana on 10th Dec 2018

Great product. Very good moulds with good defenition. 100g is a good size for "on the go".


Written by Paula Holmes on 31st Jan 2017

Make sure you have all the things to hand that you want to mould. Half or quarter each colour & use in small quantities as it really does go off quickly so you have to work fast once the two elements are mixed. That said I love this stuff, you can mould so many different kinds of things to ensure your creations are truly your own :)

easy to use with excellent resukts

Written by undefined on 5th Aug 2015

I have only used the siligum onc so far but I was able the make a very details mould of a pendant so that I can now male PMC versions of it. Really please with the product, very easy to use and produced an excellent result. Definitely recommend siligum.

this is expensive but it certainly does the job

Written by Ted on 11th Jul 2015

There is no doubt that this does what it says on the tin. It is clean and odour free. It is expensive so go carefully until you've had some practice as I wrote off quite a lot!

Quick and simple

Written by Viv on 10th May 2015

Pull similar sized piece from each pot, mix till the colour is even and use! It doesn't get much easier. The fresh mix is so soft it picks up all the details - watch out when casting twigs, the bits of bark can become part of the mould! When it is set, you do not need to use oil, just press your clay in there and let it dry - it shrinks a little and falls out quite easily (as long as you didn't make your imprint too deep)!

Pure Dead Brilliant!!!

Written by Anne on 29th May 2013

Love this stuff. I use if for polymer and metal clays. You need this in your life :-)

Very easy to use

Written by Andreea on 26th Mar 2013

Brilliant product. I use it to metal clay. You have to let it set for about 40 seconds to get better results specially for fingerprints.


Written by Alison on 24th Sep 2012

Bought this for Sliver Clay but have also used it for polymer clay. I have became a moulds addict. Excellent product easy to use, no mess & captures alot of detail.

Brilliant Stuff!

Written by Anna on 9th Jul 2012

Have made more moulds than I will probably ever use (Be warned, its addictive) but those I have used are great. It picks up fine detail well and is flexible enough to get the clay out of easily. Just the one disaster, it reacted badly with a rubber stamp I tried to take a mould of (had worked fine with same brand of stamps previously) so best to test a little bit before you ruin a stamp like I did.

Easy to use and lots of fun!

Written by undefined on 22nd May 2012

I bought this to take with me to the woods so take imprints of cool bark. It can fit into your pocket and mixes really easily. However, I haven't yet used it for bark, as the kids have stolen it and we now have moulds of everything in sight! Lots of fun!

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