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High quality two-part silicone moulding compound.

Very high quality moulding compound (Petra's absolute favourite from all she has ever tried!) to make a mould from your favourite button, piece of jewellery, seed pod, shell or other interesting textures. Then press your metal clay into the mould to create a fine silver replica. This 2 part product is very easy to work with, it mixes easily, and is nice and flexible after curing so it is easy to get your dry clay out of the mould.

Picks up fine detail so is excellent for fingerprints.

You get a total of 200g per pack (2x100g).

Working time (including mixing time) - Approximately 1min 45secs
Curing time (including working time) - Approximately 30 minutes

* Instructions included are in Japanese. For full English instructions on how to use the moulding compound, click here

* You can buy this moudling compound in a larger quantity - a 400g pack, here.

Reviews (6)

Moulding compound

Written by Bev on 21st Sep 2020

Great product, delivered quickly.

I finally got a print from my previously 'print-less' baby!

Written by Helen Treacy on 3rd May 2014

This stuff is amazing. I'd used another brand before but never managed to get a print from my 10 month old baby and assumed he just didn't have a clear one yet. This stuff got it for me though! I was and continue to be very pleased! The only problem I've found is making sure it's not covered in your own prints but this may be why gloves are included! Well worth the extra money.

Best for Fingerprints

Written by Lyndsey on 11th Nov 2013

By far the best compound I have used for fingerprint jewellery. I post this to customers for them to take the impression. It doesn't set too quickly like some others I have tried. It is pricey compared to other compounds but in my opinion well worth the extra.

Great for detail & re a bit sticky..

Written by Paula on 5th Sep 2013

I like this compound a lot - as it picks up great detail. There is an easy solution if it gets a bit sticky/tacky when taking fingerprints so I have never found this a problem. Only downside is it is a bit pricey.

A little bit sticky.

Written by undefined on 9th Mar 2012

I've also been searching for the best compound for fingerprints and although it does pick up a lot of detail, I do find it quite sticky and pulls up with the finger a little bit. I'm not sure how user friendly it will be with regard to supplying it to other people for taking prints. The dark blue dye does leak out on to clay, so I'm a bit worried about that as well. I'll probably use it for other mould making projects and I'm sure it will be good for that, but only 3 stars because it is expensive and I really wanted to use it for fingerprints. _____ (Response from Metal Clay Ltd:) Hi Anonymous, We'd love to talk to you about this, so please get in touch. We're very surprised to hear about the blue colour leaking onto other clays - we've worked with this product for over 8 years ourselves and have never experienced that, it doesn't sound right at all so we'd really like to find out what happened. Also, the compound shouldn't be sticky. It is a silicone based compound, so pieces (or fingers) you take moulds from releases from the compound with no problems once cured. Very rarely it might stick to a very porous surface, wet or cold surfaces (like rocks in the sea, yep, we do that a lot...) or extremely dry or wet skin, otherwise you shouldn't have any problems at all. If it is sticky you might not have mixed it well enough, or not used equal amounts of the two parts. This is (despite the premium price) our most popular moulding compound for fingerprint companies which says a lot about its quality. I would love a chat with you to see if we can help you sort out your problems. All the best, Petra

best available for fingerprints

Written by Liz Lynch on 6th Mar 2011

I have tried various moulding compounds in the search for the one that gives best results when taking fingerprint casts, this one is by far the best I have found. It is easy to work with, doesn't dry out in the storage containers and doesn't develop annoying air bubbles whilst your cast is drying. Big thumbs up - would be even better if available in a larger size?..

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