ThinFire Kiln Shelf Paper - Large Sheet 52x52cm

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Supersmooth shelf paper for glass fusing!

Place your glass pieces on this Bullseye shelf paper when fusing, slumping or adding to Art Clay. The shelf paper will stop the glass from sticking to the kiln shelf, and will leave a really nice smooth back on the glass. Compared to cheaper papers, this doesn't curl up when fired (so won't end up on top of your glass!) and leaves a much smoother back on your glass.

It is soooo much cleaner and easier to use than kiln wash! Simply cut or tear the paper to shape, allowing for any movement of the glass.

You should ideally wear a mask when working with the paper - at least when you're creating dust (like when you're tearing it, or when you move it around after firing). The dust is harmful for your lungs - not instantly, but it would build up over time.

Bullseye® brand logo side should be placed facedown onto your kiln shelf. Fibre paper turns to dust when fired, so can't be reused.

Vacuum residual dust after firing using a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner, or remove from kiln shelf by spraying it with water and shaking it off in a plastic bag, wearing a HEPA mask.

These are sold per sheet, measuring approximately 52 x 52cm.

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Written by undefined on 1st May 2013

works great did the job nicely

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