Embeddable Cufflink Set - Sterling Silver Cufflink with Fine Silver Base

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Absolutely wonderful high quality cufflinks which can be set straight into silver metal clay, so doesn't need to be soldered!

You simply push the 999 fine silver fireable cufflink base mount into your wet clay and then once your piece is fired and finished, you attach the 925 sterling silver swivel bar fitting and close the base around it using pliers. 


  1. Push the base mount into the clay until the flat base is in contact with the clay surface and the tabs are fully embedded. Ensure you have a secure mechanical connection with the clay.
  2. Using a clay shaper tool and a small amount of metal clay, fill any void that the tabs may make in the clay.
  3. Then, fire the base mount into the metal clay using your normal firing schedule.
  4. After firing and finishing, insert and align the bottom of the sterling silver cufflink into the opening in the base mount.
  5. Then squeeze the sides of the base mount, preferably using parallel action pliers, to securely capture and lock the cufflink into place. 

Sold as a pair, so includes 2 sterling silver cufflinks, and 2 fine silver embeddable mounts.

Click here for printable instructions with step by step photos.




Reviews (2)

Not as good as i'd hoped

Written by Lisa on 27th Aug 2018

Such a shame. I have bought 3 pairs of these and two have broken while being worn. Luckily I can now solder so won't need to buy them again. Such a great idea.... but not very hard wearing.

Embeddable cufflinks

Written by Christine O'Brien on 2nd Aug 2017

These are excellent. You can create unique designs without having to worry about the mechanics of the cufflinks. I will definitely buy more!

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