The UltraLite Studio Kiln for fine jewellery

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The UltraLite Studio kiln is the upgraded version of the UltraLite Beehive Kiln (which we introduced to the UK many, many years ago). It has had a total redesign and is now better than ever.

This perfectly sized, little beehive style table top kiln is the ideal size for a jewellery bench top kiln. If you work with fine silver metal clay, fine metals granulation, enamelling, and/or KeumBoo we're sure you'll find this your dream tool! It's also perfect for drying and firing silver clay, fusing glass, fusing fine gold and silver, and more! 

The Ultralite Kiln is a tiny open-top trinket kiln with a lift-off metal lid.

  • It is incredibly energy efficient, it will cost you less than £0.04 per hour to run!
  • It is quick; it'll be at 650°C in about 20 minutes, and full temperature is reached in around 45-50 minutes.
  • It is lightweight, compact, and small - you can fit it in pretty much anywhere!

It's not programmable, you just plug it in and it will do its job perfectly and efficiently. It will fire at a steady 840°C with the lid on, and 620°C with the lid off.

If needed, you can adjust the temperature in a few different ways:

  1. add an UltraLite Studio Temperature Controller, lets you control the temperature between 400-850°C
  2. lower the temperature by moving the lid to one side, and take it down to about 620°C by taking the lid off
  3. add an UltraLite Reflective Cover lid and increase the temperature with up to 40°C (up to about 880°C)

The temperature is ideal for most silver clays; like Art Clay Silver and PMC+/PMC Flex. The kiln heats quickly and evenly and you cannot over-fire using this method.

Some people prefer to lower the temperature with a temperature controller when doing KeumBoo, this slows down the process and gives you more control. The controller is also useful if you want to use the kiln for long periods at a time, say for advanced enamelling projects. Keeping the temperature a little lower will extend the life of your heating element.

Being speedy it's just right for a small teaching studio, and at table-top size it is tiny enough to put away if you want an occasional hobby kiln. It weighs about 1kg and is smaller than a football, so it's easy to take to craft fairs, shows, demonstrations, and exhibitions.

Features of the UltraLite Studio Kiln: 

  • Firing surface is 8.9 cm (3.5") in diameter, and 3.8 cm (1.5") tall firing area 
  • 840°C (1550°F) maintained operating temperature
  • 3-pin UK plug

This kiln is not suitable for firing base metal clays. 

What is in the box:

  • The UltraLite kiln
  • Removable cord with UK three-pin plug
  • A HotPad surface to protect your table and stabilise the kiln
  • Lid
  • Spatula

This product has a 90 day limited manufacturer's warranty. 


Reviews (3)

Ultralite Kiln

Written by Madeleine Douglas on 25th May 2021

Only used twice so far but heats up quickly & working really well for Keum Boo which is what I wanted it for so very happy

Ultralite Studio Kiln

Written by C WARD on 30th Jun 2019

This is a really dinky kiln. Inside diameter, once ceramic insert is in, is 3 inches (7.5cm) and a tiny bit bigger without the insert. There are clear setting up instructions included with it as well as a heat proof mat and metal spatula. If you want to fire silver clay you will also need to purchase a ceramic insert. There is lots of other information on how to use it for silver clay, Keum Boo, enamelling and fused glass available on I also bought a dimmer switch for a standard lamp for less than £6 which enables me to alter the temperature and having experimented with this it works fine. I kept it on full for Art Silver Clay and about three quarters for Keum Boo. Not tried it with PMC. It fires Art Silver Clay fine but, after some experimentation, I think it is more effective doing just one piece at a time. It is also worth purchasing a pair of long brass or copper tongs to help get the silver clay from the spatula onto the ceramic insert and back onto the spatula once fired. I have also tried it for Keum Boo using fired silver clay. It worked a treat, much better than the hotplate I have been using. Not yet tried it using depleted sterling silver but feel confident it will work just fine. Because of its size it takes up very little space but when not in use I store it in a padded bag. A cool bag type would work well as it gives it a little bit of protection. Looked at a variety of kilns before finally taking the plunge and buying this one and delighted I did. Highly recommend it.

A Brilliant Little Kiln

Written by Ruth on 3rd May 2017

I bought this kiln to use for precious metal clay pieces. It does it's job perfectly! The kiln is a really nice size and incredibly light weight which makes it ideal for working in a small space. I've been working with Prometheus bronze clay and it has done an amazing job on all my pieces to date. It's very consistent. I can fit three 50p size pieces of clay in at one time for firing. I'm able to control the temperature somewhat by moving the lid to the side and this has worked fine. I was hesitant to purchase a kiln after torch firing for years but I'm so happy I made the decision to buy. It's a great kiln and I would highly recommend it.

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