Accent Gold for Silver 24K (AGS)

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This improved version of Accent Gold for Silver can be used on both fired and unfired silver clay, fine silver, sterling silver, and Argentium sterling silver!

The Accent Gold now includes a binder that creates a smooth, creamy, 24K gold paint which is a dream to apply and it will fuse to articles made from both fired and unfired silver clay, fine silver, sterling silver, and Argentium sterling silver. You can also apply it to unfired silver clay and fire it with a torch!

All you need is one coat of Accent Gold for Silver to give you stunning 24 carat accents. It is the easiest and most affordable way to add pure 24K gold accents to your jewellery creations.

Package contains

  • 1gm of 24ct gold powder, dispersed in a non-toxic water-based binder
  • Detailed instructions

This little bottle lasts longer than you think. But, I can hear you ask, how much does it cover? This depends on how thick you apply the gold, so to give you an idea;

  • A layer 0.025 mm thick will cover 19.4 cm² (3 inches squared)
  • A layer 0.05 mm (half a millimetre) thick will cover half that area, so 9.7cm² (1.5 inches squared)


** It is essential that the AGS has been dried for several hours before firing or it will not adhere after firing.

** When thoroughly dried AGS does not adhere to a clean, freshly fired surface after firing, the problem is insufficient heating time and/or insufficient heating temperature.  In this case, fire the layer longer and at a higher temperature.
** The manufacturer recommends you mix the AGS with purified water, like distilled or de-ionised water (water for steam irons or car batteries). In most cases you can use tap water. However, tap water can contain minerals which can affect the gold paste, so to be safe we have to recommend purified water.


Reviews (2)


Written by judith on 27th Jun 2017

I found this product, which comes in powder form, very easy to use although I added less distilled water (10 drops) which gave the creamy effect I was looking for. I painted the impressed flower head on my unfired items and they came out very well after firing.

Amazing product

Written by Fat Cat Silver on 21st Jan 2015

This is the first time I have used gold accent on my fine silver work and I was a little nervous due to the price. However, the instructions were very comprehensive and the product quick and easy to use. I applied the accent to fine silver leaves. I was worried it would clog the veins of the leaves, obliterating the surface detail. However, this wasn't a problem and I'm extremely pleased with the result. I have done 6 small leaves and there is plenty left in the pot. My only advice is that I found the instruction to add 12 drops of water to the powder made the gold accent too runny. I would add 10-11 drops in future. I used boiled, cooled tap water and it was fine. Will definitely buy again.

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