Accent Silver - for use on base metals

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Accent Silver lets you add silver accents to bronze, copper and brass! You can add just a touch of silver or embellish an entire piece.

Ever made a bronze or copper clay piece and thought to yourself how nice it would have looked with just a little bit of silver on it? If you have, this is the product that will do it! Accent Silver™ was developed to provide artists who work with base metal clays, and/or copper and brass stampings, to add rich colour to their jewelry.  Accent Silver is a silver-alloy slip that is used to apply silver embellishments to copper, bronze and brass metals.

Accent Silver™ contains a mixture of silver and base metal powders, plus other additives to enable it to adhere to jewelry surfaces after air drying and also bond to the surfaces during the firing process. It is similar to 'Accent Gold for Silver' (which is used to apply gold accents to fired silver clay articles).

You mix it with water (ideally distilled water) and apply in two thin coats, leave to dry, and fire in a jewellery kiln. This will permanently bond the silver to the surface of the metal. After firing, the silver-embellished surface can be polished and patinated like fine or sterling silver.

You must fire the Accent Silver buried in coconut carbon, we recommend the 'Firing Tin for Accent Silver'.

5gm pot.

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