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Could Art Clay Silver 999 be the ideal silver clay? You can fire it easily with a torch, or even on a gas hob.

It is pliable and creamy, with a long working time. It takes all textures beautifully, and carves like a dream. And it shrinks only about 8-9%.

Art Clay has been around since 1995. Since its launch, there has been a few different types of Art Clay Silver, including Art Clay Original Formula, Art Clay 650, Art Clay Slow Tarnish, and Art Clay 650 Slow Dry. When Aida created this clay formula they picked the best parts from their most popular clays - easy moulding, slow drying, and a possible low firing temperature making it suitable for combining with glass and porcelain, and allowing torch and gas hob firings. We think this might just be the ideal silver clay!

  • It is so pliable and has a great workability. It is a lot creamier and pliable than any other previous Art Clay silver clay!
  • It retains and accepts moisture very well, which means it is easier to keep supple and so easy to reconstitute if it dries.
  • It carves and files beautifully in the dry stage - much beter than the existing formulas.
  • Fire with kiln, torch, or gas stove. Using a kiln the minimum recommended firing would be 30 minutes at 650°C or 5 minutes at 800°C. Where possible, we recommend firing at 800°C for 30 minutes for the strongest result.
  • Shrinkage 8-9%.

The clay can be hallmarked as fine silver at any UK Assay Office.

Don't just listen to us singing its praises - here is some feedback we've had from testers:

  • It is very ‘user friendly’ for beginners who do struggle with working fast enough to prevent the clay drying.
  • I attempted plenty of rolling out, cutting and then scrunching up and re-rolling and didn't observe any cracking, drying-out or the usual deterioration in the condition of the clay that one would expect at that stage/
  • I bonded to pieces together beautifully, and only needed a little sanding.
  • I polished with the ‘sunshine’ cloth and was really amazed at the beautiful deep shine, it took me by surprise. The pieces also felt dense, and strong.
  • With its ability to blend so well when pasted, this makes putting the 3D pieces together seamless. The clay seems to take longer to dry out which gives more time for creating a piece. 
  • It carved well.
  • The clay has a lovely soft smooth texture and works for much longer than the existing 650. 
  • No problems and no minor surface edge cracking!
  • Collected all my sandings, drilling dust and tiny dried bits and reconstituted them. They came together really easily.
  • I think it will be much better for teaching with, due to the extra working time and as it seems less prone to minor surface cracking. Whilst I think it takes a little longer to dry I do not see that as a problem when teaching.
  • I will certainly buy this clay in preference to the existing 650 or original. I love it!! :)
  • A pleasant surprise. I found the clay to be slightly more yielding, moister and yet less ‘sticky’ than the original 650 formula. 
  • Mistakes and cracks are very easy to repair/fill with a wet brush and it goes smooth quickly and nicely.
  • It was a pleasure to work with and I much prefer it to the slow dry variety. In fact, I think I even prefer it to the 650 one which I use normally.

Reviews (28)

Silver clay paste

Written by Maryse sundaresan on 20th Apr 2021

Order arrived well on time Instructions suggested applying 3 layers but generic instructions from internet suggested at least 5. Did 5 layers to be safe and had very good result., but probably could have got away with 3. I will be ordering more as the technique can result in some unusual pieces,

Silver metal clay

Written by Patricia Greenhough on 9th Apr 2021

I am quite new to silver clay but am finding it easy to use after a bit of practice & very versatile.

art clay silverc 10g

Written by Robert Thompson on 12th Oct 2020

easy to use and texture. Excellent product.

Silver clay

Written by Debbie Towers on 23rd Jun 2020

love this stuff its perfect. Always super quick delivery too from art clay silver. Thank you ❤️

Silver clay

Written by Pauline Hawkins on 1st Jul 2019

Very prompt service and I received what I ordered

Art clay silver clay

Written by Susan hyslop on 6th Mar 2018

This is my first experience of working with silver clay and I am a complete novice but I have made a few items and been pleased with the result

sliver clay

Written by sandra e a nabbs on 6th Dec 2017

have not use yet but like the fast delivery

Metal clay

Written by Andrea Taylor on 9th Apr 2017

Art clay is super to work with and produces high quality items.


Written by undefined on 8th Nov 2016

Silver clay is amazing. It makes you feel like an alchemist. Turning clay into silver. Easy to work as well.

Wonder Clay

Written by Penelope Read on 16th Dec 2015

Lovely stuff, doesn't dry too quickly. Made a ring and 2 charms from it, abslotely no waste. Wish I'd bought more.

Silver Clay

Written by undefined on 10th Oct 2015

This was nice clay to work with

Use of Art Clay

Written by undefined on 30th Jul 2015

Hi MC, Whenever I use Silver Metal Clay I'm always happy with it. As long as I get everything I need togather, before opening the package, and I make a successful item, then everything is perfect!! :-)

Good Prices

Written by Miriam Plumbridge on 6th May 2015

Having just started using silver clay I was recommended your company. I find your prices some of the best on the internet and will certainly be using you in the future. I also purchased a starter kit of tools for silver clay and found the value of this to be very good. It contained everything I needed to begin this new hobby and with the purchase of a couple of extras I am now set to fire my clay at home for a very small outlay.

Brilliant price

Written by Karen on 16th Apr 2015

Having checked out the internet for a well priced supplier for my metal clay, I found this company. I will certainly be using you again. More than happy. I can see people making comments here about it drying too fast, didn't have that. I would say make sure of what you want to make and design it beforehand so you are not wasting time, excellent product. Or buy PMC3 which has a slower drying time. I am new to this medium but research is the key!

Dries out too fast !!!

Written by steve D on 8th Feb 2015

Attempted to make something similar to an octopus, the tentacle , i.e thinnest parts dried out almost as soon as they were shaped then broke when trying to bend them. I expected this metal clay to be able to be worked like plasticine or playdoh but it wasn't the case. ******FEEDBACK FROM METAL CLAY****** Hi Steve, metal clay is VERY different from PlayDoh and Plasticine. It is an air drying clay, whilst the others are plastic clays which don't really dry out (unless you leave them out for ages of course). There are many ways of extending the work time of your clay, making it more manageable, but it takes a little practice. Your broken piece can be repaired by making a little paste (mix some clay with a little water) so nothing is ever wasted with silver clay. I salute you for trying to shape a octopus-type-thing the first time you work with the product - I love it when people push their limits and just try stuff out. I wish we'd had a chance to talked before you started as I could have given you tonnes of advice on how to make sure your clay doesn't dry out. There are amazing intricate detailed pieces of silver clay work out there, including tentacles and octopuses, swirls, spirals and snakes - all made from silver clay. However, it is usually not the first thing you do, until you've familiarised yourself with the clay, and understand how to handle it. I hope you give it another go, and take a look at some videos, talk to some people, and read some of the info out there to help you get the best out of it. :)

Excellent workability

Written by undefined on 12th Nov 2014

I found this clay very easy to use and manipulate to shape.

Great product

Written by Liz on 25th Sep 2014

The new formula is so much better than the last one. It has a longer working time and is much less sticky than the original formula. Holds details well when texturing or molding.

Making metal jewellery can't get easier than this

Written by Mitra on 21st Aug 2014

It's easy and it's magic. Just open the packet, roll out the clay, cut it with whatever designer cutter you want, fire it for 3 mins and you are done!! It does shrink about 10% but that's something you have to consider, because it's the binder that melts away and what is left behind is the solid silver.

New formula clay

Written by Elaine on 9th Jun 2014

Very easy to work with and gives plenty of working time. Excellent results.

My new favourite

Written by undefined on 2nd Mar 2014

I never worked with silver clay before (only with Prometheus copper clay). I love the texture, the consistency of my art clay silver. The way it is so easy and fast to fire jewelry pieces with the torch. And found it to be very strong after firing.


Written by jema on 9th Sep 2013

gorgeous clay, long working time and easy fire with a torch, holds details well when moulding too!

Excellent product

Written by Dawn....Durham on 12th Jul 2013

Have worked with clay for a few years now and found this new formula by far the best.

Much improved

Written by Annette Newbury on 21st Jun 2013

Not having bought silver clay for a couple of years because of disappointment with working times due to drying out I was really impressed with the new improved formula.

Very Impressed

Written by Lesley - PMC Designs on 3rd Apr 2013

Much better to use - keeps moisture well so allows more working time. Seems to be less 'dusty' when sanding during dry stage and also carves nicely.


Written by Andreea on 26th Mar 2013

Much better than the old formula. I love it. Easy to work with, doesnt stick to your fingers, a lot stronger


Written by undefined on 29th Jan 2013

This product, is sooo easy to work with. It allowed me to have more time working with the clay. It also allowed me to re-mold the little bits, and create an additional piece. Better value for money.

Easy to use

Written by undefined on 25th Jan 2013

Seemed to work well. Didn't dry out too quickly and dried and fired well.

Better than Before

Written by Tracey Spurgin - Craftworx on 21st Jan 2013

This new formula is such a great improvement. and makes a huge step in the right dircetion. with it's longer working time it will really makes it easier for the beginner, as well as the more advanced enthusiast, to develop their skills to a high level with more complex techniques.

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