Art Clay Silver Syringe - 1 tip - 10gm

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Art Clay Silver Syringe - 1 fine tip - 10gm

Syringe type silver is a special formula of silver clay which allows you to extrude it from a syringe. It comes pre-packed in a syringe with a added fine tip. The special formula means you get a perfect smooth extrusion with no air bubbles or extruded clay breaking.

Use Art Clay Silver syringe to:

  • decorate your unfired silver clay with squiggles and lines, it makes beautiful leaves, twigs, and flowers!
  • add little dotty decorations
  • create bezels to set lab-created and other safe-to-fire stones before firing. Simply draw a little donut shape and then push your stone in.
  • remove the fine tip and make clay "ropes" or snakes, which can be braided, shaped into bail loops, 
  • on its own to make hollow filigree like designs. Simply create a core shape with cork clay and cover it with the syringe. When you fire the piece, the cork clay will burn away and leave you with a hollow delicate piece.

Keep your syringes standing with the tip in a glass of water when you're not using them. Remember to put it back as soon as you stop extruding so the tip doesn't dry out.

When fired, the syringe shrinks about 10-12% which helps enhance fine details. It can be fired with a gas torch, on a gas hob, or in a kiln.

Replacement tips are available here, letting you extrude fine, medium and thick sized clay ropes/snakes.

Reviews (2)

Silver Clay Syringe

Written by Ann on 16th Nov 2016

An excellent product that can be kept for a long time in a drop of water and never dries out. Useful for freehand forming shapes and skeleton lines on any piece

As advertised, swift postage

Written by undefined on 13th Feb 2015

This has proved a useful product

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