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This Art Clay exclusive product is specially formulated for use on glass, porcelain and glazed ceramics.

Simply paint your design on in a thin layer with a brush, let dry, and fire.

You can also create sgraffito designs, where you paint on a thin layer, leave it to dry, and then carve designs into the unfired silver so the porcelain shines through. It is ideal on porcelain blanks, like these.

The Overlay Paste can also be used for repairs and is a good alternative to the now discontinued Oil Paste.

Art Clay Silver 650 Overlay Paste consists of pure silver particles, a special binding agent and water. The binding agent is produced from harmless pulp fiber. During firing, the pure silver particles solidify. The binding agent consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen resulting in the release of harmless carbon dioxide and steam during firing. The special formula of this product allows for combination with glass, porcelain and ceramic materials, and is also suitable for firing with sterling silver findings or wires (SV925 and higher quality recommended).

Some silver settling may occur at the bottom of the jar. Stir the paste well with a brush or a metal spatula before use. To dilute the paste take out the necessary amount and place it in a different container.

This product is water-based and can dry up. Always keep the container tightly capped. If it becomes too thick, add a little water and stir well. The clay may crack during firing if it is not completely dry.


To fire, place the piece in a cold or slightly warm kiln (below 300ºC). To avoid thermal shock which can crack your ceramic/porcelain, it's best to start with a cold kiln. You also need to leave your piece to cool down inside the closed kiln, until it reaches close to room temp.

Depending on the size of the ceramics, you might want to slow down the ramp speed (how fast your kiln heats). You can use any of the four firing temperatures and hold times listed below - choose the appropriate firing temperature and hold time depending on the material you are combining the paste with.

These timings are as recommended by the manufacturers. As always with fine silver clay and paste, the longer and hotter you can fire, the stronger your silver will be. 

Please only fire with a torch if the material you have combined with the Overlay Paste allows you to do so.

Schedule 1 2 3 4 TORCH
Firing Temperature 650ºC/1200ºF 700ºC/1290ºF 750ºC/1380ºF 780ºC/1435ºF and higher Orange glow
Holding Time At least 30-45 min. At least 15-30 min. At least 10-20 min. At least 5-15 min. At least 5 min.

Reviews (2)

Multi use product - Art Clay overlay pasre

Written by Jude Goswell on 16th May 2015

Such a multipurpose product. I thinned it down to attach fine wire prior to enameling. Just add water - no expensive thinner. Worked really well. I then didn't like the enamel against the mirror finish silver - so used a thicher paste and added a distressed texture. I love the results and I have hardly used any. This is a definite stock item from now on.

excellent for use as enamelling solder

Written by undefined on 3rd Jul 2012

Not the intended use and quite expensive, but great for beginners to Cloisonne enamelling. (4 stars for the price - although good here still quite expensive)

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